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Who Should You Be Selling To: VITO or Evaluators?

Posted by Vendere Team on Mon, Mar 23, 2015 @ 09:03 AM

Should you be selling to VITO or evaluators?When it comes to making a sales transaction, choosing the right target audience is key to making the sale. Without the right information about who you are selling to, and what they value, your sales pitch may end up falling on deaf ears, and not because you didn’t make valid points, but because you focused on the wrong value for the person listening.

So before you start creating your sales strategy, it is important to learn your target audience and what they are looking for in order to make a successful sale.


Selling to Top Officers

When selling to very important top officers (otherwise known as VITO) you have to use different tactics and sales strategies to truly provide these individuals with the information that is actually going to help them make a decision about your product or service.

Here are some tips for focusing on selling to VITO:

  • They care less about budget, and more about the overall value of the product offered. So stop talking money and start talking value.

  • They are long term thinkers who make decisions based on a complete knowledge of the company as a whole.

  • They want to know how your product or service benefits their top, middle, and bottom line performance results.

  • They are risk takers who are used to weighing high level pros and cons.

Selling to Evaluators

Selling to evaluators is a different ball game then selling to VITO. There are a few similarities, but tailoring your message is the key to success.

Here are the top things to keep in mind when focusing on evaluators:

  • They want to know features and details about what they can expect to gain on a detailed level from what you’re selling.

  • They do want to know long term what the results will be, but they also want to understand the implementation and training process and how that will affect productivity right away.

  • They want to have a full understanding of pricing and the value they will receive for the cost.

  • They are more focused on the practicality and day-to-day aspects of your product or service, so take the time to explain everything, as well as overcome any objections.

So, Who Should You Be Selling To?

When making a sale you ultimately want to know who pulls the most weight when it comes to a final decision. You have to decide if you should be focused on the high level company officer, or should you switch your focus to those with a lesser title, but a more hands on role in what you are trying to sell.

Ultimately, talking to VITO will get you further faster. These are the individuals with the most authority when it comes to making final decisions. They are less likely to care so much about logistics right off the top and will focus more on the overall value of what you are selling them, and less on the implementation of the product or service.

Evaluators are going to get more caught up in the details and weighing the pros and cons. It is ideal to bypass this process if you are trying to get somewhere with speed and purpose in the company, but that doesn’t mean evaluators should be completely ignored. In fact, they are often the only contacts you will have so learn to sell effectively and pay attention to their concerns and feedback. And remember that evaluators can end up being your biggest advocates to the VITO and others when it comes down to making a final decision.

Understanding that every company is different, and learning what to look for to ensure that you are conveying the right message and targeting the right person, is extremely important to learning to effectively make sales. Remaining flexible, and able to present successful sales pitches to all audiences is the key to your success.

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