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Top things to consider in a B2B Appointment Setting Campaign

Posted by Sean O'Neil on Thu, Jun 1, 2017 @ 16:06 PM

  • From selling Microsoft solutions to managing Vendere Partners, we have had the opportunity of trying, failing and succeeding with B2B appointment setting campaigns many times. Based on our experience, the following are the top things we consider when starting a new campaign for a new customer.


Solution - Service - Product Value

What are you selling and why? Without a full understanding of what is being sold, it will be difficult fielding challenges with rebuttals. Although, those questions may be important in making your offering better. Some of our customers work with us to survey a market or call in with the understanding that we are information gathering. Ideally, we make it part of the process as a plan B. If you can’t get a quality appointment with the prospect, it’s the next best thing. Having a reason why is big. Nobody is interested in just chatting anymore about the latest wiz bang in the market. They read about it everyday on demand. If you are going to push anything directly to prospects, it better serve a purpose or what we call, Value! Kissmetrics offers some great ways to challenge you in discovering value.


Target Market 

This is a tricky one. The easiest place to start with new and unknown is by looking at the value you provide. Who see’s the most. Select some ideal targets. Reverse engineer them. Use what you have found through free tools available like LinkedIn.

What is the persona of your prospect? What is the role of the person or team evaluating and/or using the solution you offer? What and who is part of the decision making process? Who is the approver?

When we look back at why, is their anything else that you see that would create the ideal prospect? Is revenue growth or decline important? Years in business? Hubspot has a wealth of information to put this together. Of course, when you define what your looking for or need help, finding a trusted data provider is very import. Good or bad data is the main difference between short term and long term results. Making bad data good takes time.



So now that you have your solution, value and targets, what are you going to do? There are a lot of options in how far you can take this. I’ll break it up in 3 levels.

  • Level 1 – Make calls into the list and follow up with some emails. Again, Hubspot has some templates to start you off
  • Level 2 – Build out an email marketing last drip series along with sequences for follow up. This will be followed with a high quantity of touches through both phone, email and social channels. You may consider a professional partner here that can provide an all in one solution
  • Level 3Everything in Level 2 but add in an inbound marketing strategy to coincide with your outbound strategy. LinkedIn is now offering a targeted approach where you can upload companies or emails to target prospects


All of this activity also needs to be tracked and measured daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly against sales. You should also consider other solutions to support the endeavor such as recordings, lead tracking, webinars and Artificial Intelligence.


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