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The Truth Can Be Cute

Posted by Sean O'Neil on Tue, Oct 24, 2017 @ 08:10 AM

What is the truth. Doctionar.com say truth is:


the true or actual state of a matter:

He tried to find out the truth.


conformity with fact or reality; verity:

the truth of a statement.


a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like:

mathematical truths.


What about forms of truth? Such as the sarcastic truth.

What is the sarcastic truth? Sarcastictruth.com provides quotes or statements that provide true statements in a sarcastic manner

When I imply cute, I mean cute in a sarcastic but happy manner. Letting it roll off your tongue whether good or bad. “Falling on the sword” with jest.

Like having a discussion with your spouse how to avoid a situation and six months later the situation happens again but with success. Your response to your spouse is, “Yeah, I decided to jump on that when I had the opportunity.” SMIRK….

How about when that email campaign got an 74% delivery rate but oh now we know who’s invalid and save money on that pin testing.” PLEASE NO!!!

This is a tough one,” After the first two weeks in production, I can see we are going to miss our target by 33%. Well, at least now we know.

Another classic is,  “We have less appointments … but have you seen the funnel?”

I just experienced this one.  My daughter’s boyfriend knocks on the door at 8:21 pm, “Come here man.” I proceed to open the front door, walk him out and ring the doorbell. Four times! “You hear it?” “It works.” “We get nervous when people knock!”. “Ring the doorbell man!” Sad but true with sarcasm.

All of these scenario’s use SMILES! You must smile while making these statements.

So next time your day is down, no one is answering, sales are rough, you get a prospect on the phone, they reply to your email, they give you the time of day or there is a glimmer of hope, SMILE!

When we are cute with our truth, it makes it easy. It breaks the ice and it makes us feel more confident as people. It makes the person we are speaking with feel at ease. We all can appreciate ease.

So next time you’re talking with your spouse and fess up, talk with a customer to lighten the situation, or a friend that needs to hear bad news, “The truth will set you free.” Make it cute.

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