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The Top 6 Tips for Cutting Down Email Unsubscribe Rates

Posted by Vendere Team on Mon, Apr 20, 2015 @ 09:04 AM

Tips for cutting down email unsubscribe rates74 percent of marketers believe email produces or will produce ROI in the future. That number explains why organizations spend precious time and resources writing and designing attractive emails designed for a lead generation email nurture campaign.

But when your list starts dwindling with each message you send, it’s time to take a look at how to encourage subscribers to stay.

Try one or all of these tactics to keep the people from your email lists from hitting unsubscribe. As a bonus, the more you put into practice, the more you’ll improve the overall quality of your email program for everyone who does stick around.

1. Segment your Lists

One of the reasons subscribers decide that their inbox doesn’t need your messages is because what you’re sending isn’t relevant to them. The best way to make sure that everyone is getting what they want is to segment, or group subscribers based on certain characteristics.

While you can pick any criteria that’s relevant to your company, dividing them up by target audience is a tried and true method. That way you can send different content based on the preferences of different lists and stay relevant to everyone.

2. Allow for Customizable Email Frequency

Everyone likes having choices, and that aspect of human nature extends to email subscriptions as well. When someone subscribes, let them do some of the work of segmentation for you by choosing what kind of content they want to see, but also by choosing how often they want to get that content.

One of the most common complaints against email marketing is that subscribers get too many messages, so allowing prospects to tell you if they’d like to get content every quarter, month, or week makes your campaign a better experience for them and a more effective tool for you.

3. Include Exclusivity

Simply put, occasionally give your subscribers things that you know they can’t get anywhere else. You could try giving advance access to webinar registration, a coupon code for a free sample, or a contest that only email subscribers can participate in. It also lets those subscribers feel like they’re part of a VIP group, which only adds to the appeal of your brand.

4. Set Expectations

If a new subscriber signs up for only one email a month and they want to hear only about a certain service, you can’t send them content outside of those specifications. Many email unsubscribers remove themselves from lists out of frustration when they get messages they didn’t ask for because it feels like the sender isn’t listening to them. Giving people a choice in what they want from the beginning when they fill out the form will help immensely with this.

5. Offer Different Ways to Communicate

When one of your email contacts presses unsubscribe, what they see on the next page is crucial because it’s your last chance to change their mind. That page should remind them of the value you offer right above the unsubscribe button at the very least, but you can certainly go above and beyond. Many brands have found ways to make their unsubscribe pages funny and play on an unsubscriber’s emotions.

But if they’re determined to go, offer other ways that you can still stay in contact. Include your social media icons and your blog RSS. This provides an opportunity for these unsubscribers to stay leads by only changing the way they interact with your company instead of choosing not to interact at all.

6. Let Them Resubscribe and Give Feedback

After that unsubscribe button is clicked, it might seem like that contact is gone from your email lists forever. But, it’s completely possible that it was a mis-click. Or a decision made in haste. Or after a while the ex-subscriber might consciously decide that they want to come back.

For these situations, put a resubscribe button on that page. That way the contact you thought you lost can jump right back into the flow of your emails with as little friction as possible.

For those that are truly gone for good with no intention of looking back, allow them the chance to tell you why they don’t want your emails anymore. As painful as honest feedback can be, it’s a valuable tool in improving your campaigns in the future.

So whether you’re alarmed at the number of subscribers walking away from your emails or you're just looking for some new ways to keep everyone you send to happy, these tips can help you optimize your campaign for different types of subscribers, maintain consistency, and learn how your business’ emails can improve. Better quality means fewer unsubscribers, and that means more leads you can nurture into sales.

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