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The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Company’s Sales Team

Posted by Vendere Team on Wed, Mar 11, 2015 @ 09:03 AM

People Together who outsourced company sales teamSales. It’s a practice that is crucial to your company’s growth, but it also takes up a fair amount of time and resources. If this universal business truth has you undecided about whether or not to outsource your sales team, a comparison of pros and cons-like the one below-can give you clarity to choose the right path for your business.  

Con: Less control over the sales process

The nature of outsourcing dictates that you’ll inevitably have less control over how tasks are carried out. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have any input. A quality lead generation company will maintain clear and ongoing communication about your campaign as well as allow you access to data showing how many leads they’ve generated for others, how many were qualified, and how many resulted in pipeline contribution.

Pro: Free time to focus on core business objectives

The other side of this coin is that hiring a company to find the hot leads for you suddenly opens up hours of time to spend in the areas your business needs you most. As long as you’ve wisely chosen the right vendor, you can rest easy knowing that the right leads will come along to boost your growth.

Con: The expense

There’s no getting around the fact that hiring an outside lead generation company will cost you some cold, hard cash. After all, every business has to charge above their costs in order to be profitable. While it’s smart to shop around for a price that fits into your budget, don’t forget to weigh the overall value of the results you’re paying for.

Pro: No time or money spent on new employees

The tradeoff is that you won’t have to hire employees to prospect for leads. To spell out this benefit, that means no time spent on recruiting, hiring, and training and no money spent on salary and benefits. Comparing the ongoing costs of even one new hire to the finite price of an experienced lead generation company puts the choice into perspective.

Con: Confidentiality risk

Losing confidentiality is a risk you take whenever you choose to involve anyone else in your business whether it’s a partner, employee, or outside company. The more you share sensitive data, the more likely it is to be compromised. When you’re looking for any type of vendor ask each company you’re considering how they ensure that private data stays private.

Pro: Flexibility

One other advantage to outsourcing the sales function is that if you don’t know what the future market holds for your business, you have the flexibility to scale the efforts up or down accordingly. In uncertain times, it’s easier to reduce the budget than to let an employee go.  

Con: The company might not know about your industry

Nobody knows your products or your preferred type of customers as well as you do, so it’s possible that a lead generation company would have to spend some time learning about these core aspects of your business. To cut out this disadvantage as much as possible, partner with a vendor that has experience selling in your vertical.

Pro: You’ll get better results

Just as you’re a specialist in what you do, B2B appointment setting companies are experts in their niche as well. They know the best practices to lock down time with decision makers who are most likely to buy what you’re selling in the highest numbers possible. Simply put, outsourced sales companies have the right experience, labor, and resources to get you the highest ROI possible for time spent prospecting.

Reflecting on these pros and cons can better inform your decision on whether or not to outsource your sales. Although hiring any vendor has some drawbacks, the benefits that come with allowing another business to generate leads can bring your company results that make the choice well worth it.


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