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Shortening Sales Cycles

Posted by Jessica Bushey on Tue, Oct 23, 2018 @ 16:10 PM

Sales main goal is to generate as much new business possible in the shortest timeframe. One key point to achieving this is by decreasing the length of your sales cycle. First, you must break down the parts of the sales cycle, so you can see where the process can be shortened. Sales cycles generally have the following parts: prospecting, qualifying, pitching and closing.

The prospecting phase tends to be one of the toughest phases. This stage is usually the most labor intensive. Cold calling and emailing are at the core, followed with social media marketing and events.

Then there is the qualifying stage. This stage is important to complete BEFORE the pitch and close otherwise your valuable time gets wasted. It is vital to make sure your prospect has a plan to implement, a budget (or at least the idea of one), and that they are the decision maker in this area.

Pitching is usually the easiest of the stages. Messaging is key here. Make sure you are communicating in a way that is relevant to them. Not all your prospects face the same challenges, so make sure to cater to what they deem is important.

Finally, you have the closing stage. This is where persistence comes in. If you did your qualifying early on, then you know who says go and they are already on board. Keep the line of communication open and flowing to maximize closing numbers. It becomes a matter of following up and collecting.

Now that you have addressed the key components of the cycle you can see where aspects can be shortened. Vendere Partners have found that if you keep your top people focused on pitching and closing, productivity increases meaning more revenue. We have come up with an adaptive method to achieve this.

Vendere Partners combines the Prospecting and Qualifying stages to ensure that your sales people can just focus on selling. Our Prospect managers do all the grunt work for you. We identify your target companies based off your specific criteria (company size, employee count, location, revenue, etc.). Then they reach out through calls, emails and social media to determine the decision makers, interest level and budget. You get qualified appointments scheduled right into your sales teams’ calendars, saving tons of valuable time. For more information on our methods, along with relevant reporting and transparency, contact us at sales@venderepartners.com or visit our website www.venderepartners.com


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