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How to Successfully Follow-Up After the Event

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Apr 26, 2016 @ 08:04 AM

How to Successfully Follow Up After The Event

So, you’ve planned the event of the year perfectly down to the last detail, but you’re not finished yet. The entire purpose of the event was to successfully capture information from leads, so now you have to plan how you’re going to put that information to use.

Making sure that you put a plan in action to ensure successful follow-up post event is absolutely essential. That’s why we’ve complied this helpful list of ways to follow up after your event. Follow these steps and your event will be sure to provide a high ROI.

Thank the Attendees

Part of your event planning should include finding a way to thank your attendees for coming that’s more memorable than a verbal “thank you.” Use part of your event budget to spring for something like personalized thank you letters that include your contact information or a trinket (like a pen) that they can remember you by.

This way, if the lead wants to get in contact with you before you have a chance to follow up, they can. This will also help leads to remember the event and you’ll remain top of mind for them.

Send an Introductory Email

Before you start trying to sell your new leads a product, reintroduce yourself to them. It is easy for busy professionals to forget what or where they signed up for something, so you want to remind them. Reminding them will give them the chance to remember your event and determine their level of interest in your emails.

Sending this introductory email before any other correspondence is also important for making sure that you don’t automatically receive a bunch of unsubscribes. You want people to stick around, so remind them why they were convinced to sign up for the list in the first place.

Provide Relevant Content

Still not time to sell yet! The next step that you’ll want to take is sending your leads relevant and helpful content that they can actually use. By showing that you are interested in providing your new contacts with information that they can use to boost their business, you’re showing that you care about solving their problems, not simply selling a product.

Content marketing is an important step in the lead nurturing process because it gives you the chance to create credibility with your leads. This newfound credibility will make it much more likely that they will want to invest in your product or service.

Give a Special Offer

Your leads want to feel special, so show them they are. You’re finally ready to remind them what your product or service can do for them and adding an extra incentive can help give them a push through the buying process.

Special offers are a great way to make your leads feel like they are getting in on a special deal simply for attending your event which could help them when it comes to the decision making process.

Inform Them of Future Events

If your leads have stuck around this long or converted into customers, it is likely that they are at least somewhat interested in what you have to offer. Make sure that you are keeping them updated on future events that you will be having or attending and extend an invitation to them.

Doing this not only gives you another chance to nurture your leads, but it also helps you to determine who is interested in your product or service, but is just not ready to purchase yet by seeing if anyone attends the events that you’re informing them of.

To some, following up after an event may seem unnecessary since the person already has the company’s contact information at their disposal. Some even see the entire event process as a waste of money. To ensure that your event is profitable and successful, it is important to plan for the follow-up that should come after the event while you are planning for the event itself.



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