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How to Increase Your Lead Conversion Rate

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, May 24, 2016 @ 11:05 AM

how to increase your lead conversion rate

So, you’ve followed all of the online guides you could download about learning how to brings leads to your site, but now what? The next step is turning those leads into actual customers. Follow just a few simple steps and you’ll be turning leads into clients in no time!

Start by incorporating some of these tips into your marketing strategy to see your conversion rates skyrocket.

Remove Distractions

Sometimes the only thing that may be keeping a lead from converting is a simple distraction. If your sales emails or landing pages are too content heavy, or have too many calls-to-action, getting your lead to focus on what you want them to focus on most may prove to be difficult.

By removing all distractions from landing pages and sales emails, you can make sure that when a lead finds themselves on a particular page that the only thing they can focus on is what’s in front of them. This removal of distractions will increase the likelihood that your lead will convert.

Address Objections

As someone who likely receives a hundred sales emails per week, you want to make your email stick out to your lead as the one they should open and follow through on. One of the most honest ways of doing this is by addressing any possible objections they may have before they can have them.

By addressing objections early on, you are able to show your leads that you understand that they’re busy and you’re not their only email, but that at the same time, you are one of the most important emails in their inbox and deserve to be read. Plus, honesty can prove to be the best policy when it comes to getting your lead to convert.

Qualify Leads

One of the biggest time wasters there is when it comes to converting leads is wasting time nurturing leads who are not qualified for it. Taking the time to qualify your leads before deciding who to spend your time and money on is an important piece of the lead conversion process.

You can simply accomplish this by implementing a lead scoring tool into your CRM with relevant criteria to use to score your leads. This way you can easily determine which of your leads is most likely to purchase.

A/B Test

Don’t go into your lead nurturing process blind. Make sure that you utilize A/B testing to assist you in finding out which of the many marketing and lead nurturing strategies is right for the message that you are trying to send.

By using A/B testing on a small portion of your leads, you can easily find out which tactics work better for the audience that you are trying to reach. This way, you can tailor the final copy that the rest of your leads will receive in a way that will convert the most leads.  

Align Sales and Marketing

One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of the lead conversion process is the lack of alignment between the sales and marketing departments. Before you can successfully convert leads, you have to make sure that the sales and marketing teams are aligned and on the same page.

It’s easy to think that these units perform as individuals, but when it comes down to it, they actually perform hand in hand. It’s important to make that clear to both departments before starting your next campaign if you want to increase your lead conversion rate.

The lead capturing and conversion process are not areas that one can succeed in without an adequate amount of training and practice. By following these steps, ensuring that your lead conversion rate remains high will be a walk in the park.


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