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Happy 14th Anniversary, Vendere Partners!

Posted by Sean O'Neil on Fri, Sep 1, 2017 @ 07:09 AM

Fourteen years ago this month, Jim and I started this adventure we call Vendere Partners.

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We had come from leading efforts at a Nation Microsoft Gold partner with the idea to help other Microsoft partners.

It was the year 2003 and we, along with the rest of the country, were recovering from a very tough couple years. Our current organization (the MS partner) made it through that tough period due to a strong appointment setting team and sales process. So the idea was, “Let’s bring this to market and help other partners do the same”. We started the company with three core solutions, lead generation outsourcing, sales outsourcing and sales management consulting. The first order of business was to define our method for delivery. So was born ADAPT, the methodology proven to be successful at Vendere.


While supporting MS partners was our original concept, other customers in the technology space soon jumped on board. We realized soon that quality appointments was a universal problem for businesses trying to work with other businesses. We began working with other tech companies such as HP, IBM, Citrix and Avaya to name a few. We also began helping supply chain, financial services and life sciences organizations.


As time progressed, so did our process and offerings.

We now offer data and marketing services to our customers. Our data has become very rich as time has passed from all of the touches we have made. We also learnd that may customer cannot afford a full time marketing resource. Having marketing services available on a part time or on demand basis has greatly benefited them. We have a more holistic approach to prospecting by utilizing calling, email marketing, social and business intelligence through our internal database.  Our series of processes and prioritization of leads to be contacted are driven from one system. Moral boosts come through Slack communications. Many of our processes utilize the latest in technologies which integrate through tools such as Zapier. As you may be able to tell, I am pretty excited about the new technologies we have implemented. They have not only benefited our people and processes but our bottom line as well.


To our customers that have worked with us on good and bad campaigns, we thank you for your support and encouragement. We will continue to be successful in these partnerships as long as we maintain transparent communications and realistic expectations.


Sean O’Neil

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