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Evaluating Your Sales Team: B2B Selling Trends in 2015

Posted by Vendere Team on Wed, Jun 3, 2015 @ 09:06 AM

B2B sales person following 2015 trendsAs we reach the halfway point of 2015, it is time to reevaluate the first two quarters of the year, and decide on an action plan to end the year with strong sales numbers. While this process definitely benefits from an inward look at your company’s own internal operations, having something external to compare to may also prove a valuable resource.

It has become almost cliche to discuss the fast-paced changes in almost every industry under the sun, but what those changes boil down to is technology. Technology affects every industry and department, and brings new trends to light. And your sales department is no exception.

If your sales team is struggling, or falling short of their 2015 goals, it’s time to see if you’re keeping up with the latest B2B selling trends and technology, or if your internal processes could use a makeover.

Better Follow Up

This remains a top revenue killer for most companies: little to no follow up. Whether this means companies adopt better sales automation tools, or require a heavier focus on following up in the training process, follow up simply has to be a core component of your sales process and day-to-day operations.

More Powerful CRMs

Sales employees have to stop wasting time on data entry and other tasks that are actually taking them away from selling. Having a powerful CRM working for them is the first step to just that. Sales automation is also becoming essential and helps sales teams reach their goals, even while they sleep.

Marketing Must Be Part of the Sales Equation

If your marketing and sales team are not operating as one and the same, you have a major problem. Lack of alignment between marketing and sales departments can negatively affect your company's bottom line and take a major toll on both team’s effectiveness.

These two departments are so codependent, that without recognizing and working to build a successful marriage of the two, your company is doomed from the start.

Embrace Content

If you are not using content as a tool in your sales process, then you are missing out. Content should be playing a huge role in drawing in new leads and feeding your relationship with current ones.

This is part of why your sales and marketing teams must be so closely aligned. Without constant communication and relationship monitoring, your sales team cannot identify information missing from your content, and your marketing team cannot supply those missing pieces.

Outsourcing is the Norm

Because hiring, training, and retaining a top quality sales team is difficult and costly, companies have already, and will continue to move towards sales outsourcing as the best option. It provides companies with a powerful selling team while staying within their budget.

Taking the time to evaluate your sales team and the tools at their fingertips, versus the B2B selling trends the year of 2015 has brought can be enlightening. If your sales team is falling behind, a major makeover may be in order to catch up during the remainder of the year.

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