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7 Reasons to Outsource Your Appointment Setting Tasks

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Nov 22, 2011 @ 08:11 AM

At home, when your bed is floating away on a river of water, you call a plumber. When a tree in your yard falls on your neighbor's car, you call an attorney. The point is that you call a specialist.

Now imagine at work; you're behind on your quotas, your boss needs three reports, you need to prepare for a presentation to upper management and you still need to set a dozen appointments with company sales leads. I think that’s how you spell "h-e-a-d-a-c-h-e".
Now imagine a major part of the above list of chores being whisked away by a specialist in qualified appointment setting. Not convinced?

Man appointment setting on his handheld device

1. You may not be able to reach your prospects right away. How frustrating is that? You call time after time and can't reach them, or can't get through to them. You leave voicemail, but they never call back, or they leave an ambiguous message on your voicemail. Welcome to phone tag hell.

2. They may put you on hold or have you speak to someone else who is not immediately available. Adding insult to injury, you finally get to the person, but they put you on hold and you wait,... and wait! Or you find out that their appointment secretary is the one you need to talk to, but that person is never available.

3. What if a prospect calls to reschedule? What if you don't have your appointment book with you when they call? It gets messy. Feel some phone tag coming on?

4. They may give you the runaround. They may say that they are interested, but never get around to setting an appointment. What if they truly are that busy? Do you need that headache on your busy schedule?

5. Prospects may need to include other people in the meeting. Good luck coordinating schedules and fitting the perfect time slot into your own schedule. Add all the other problems for each person you need to contact, and you've created a labyrinth nightmare. Setting this one appointment is starting to make Middle East negotiations look easy.

6. You may have the wrong person. Upon further clarification, your contact tells you that you really need to speak to someone else. So the process starts all over from square one. Do you have time for this?

7. Appointment setting services can free up you or your team. And isn't that the main idea? By outsourcing to appointment setting services, you get to concentrate on other things until the appointment time arrives. Some of these same benefits apply to your sales team if you are in management.  Good prospecting involves lead qualification and scoring, then setting the appointments.  Having some help in this area can keep your sales people focused on what you hired them to do, closing sales and managing clients!  Whether for personal or team help, professional appointment setting services are definitely worth evaluating.



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