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7 Valuable Services found in a Good B2B Lead Generation Company

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Nov 17, 2011 @ 13:11 PM

When looking for B2B lead generation support, there are a host of services you might want to consider.  Exploring your options is part of what goes into good business decisions. Increasingly, specialized support teams are becoming a vital part of business to business success in sales.  Increases in technology have changed the tools and methods for prospecting, creating more market demand for sales services because they know how to get the job done and done right!  If you are going to pay for sales support, why not hire the best?

You might consider adding some of the following to your shopping list for a B2B Lead Generation Company:


1. B2B Prospect Lists

Want a quality list with accurate data? Certainly!  Everyone likes to have updated lists for any marketing or sales effort. Also, you want to have a host of fields to make targeting easier and your efforts more laser-focused—things like NAICS codes, SIC codes, email addresses, area codes, industries, revenue sizes, number of employees, geographical regions, vertical industry alliances, and job roles and functions. Armed with this kind of data, your efforts could prove, well... effortless.

2.Lead Generation

Acquiring prospects is an important part of your sales funnel. The company you choose to support your sales and marketing efforts should be able to help you analyze your goals and make intelligent recommendations. It should be able to,
a) Identify any holes in your current sales funnel
b) Show you how to optimize your cost-per-lead
c) Help you analyze costs and benefits of in-house lead generation versus outsourcing.

By consulting with the experts on this, you will be able to explore options and gain insights that may have been unknown to you before.

3. Lead Qualification and Scoring 

A company's marketing division can generate tons of leads, but without qualifying those leads, the sales department may bog down, sludging through leads that remain cold or unqualified. Qualified lead generation is key to the success of any sales funnel. A top notch sales support company can act as the buffer between marketing and sales, nurturing leads that are not quite ready and setting sales appointments with those that are. Lead scoring remains an integral part of the qualification process. Some sales support companies have this down to a science.

4. B2B Sales Outsourcing

Sales management consulting can help you determine the benefits of outsourcing parts of your sales efforts based on company goals, budget, and industry.

5. Appointment setting services

Setting qualified sales appointments can prove to be a daunting task sometimes—both time-consuming and frustrating. Wouldn't it be nice for your sales team to have a steady stream of qualified appointments?  This keeps them focused on what they do best, closing!  And also tends to have a nice effect on company revenue.

6. Event marketing services

The worst thing that could happen for a marketing event is that no one shows up. Prospects certainly need to know about your event before they have the option of attending.  A good marketing company can has the resources to make that happen.

7. Event registration services

Any company that has held a marketing or sales event knows that there are many challenges in the registration process.  Filling an event takes time, manpower, and information, all of which are available through a good lead generation company.  This service eliminates the need to dismantle your existing team to handle an upcoming event. 

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