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3 Approaches to #Leadgen

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Sep 27, 2011 @ 09:09 AM

It is crucial for every business to have quality sales leads in our increasingly competitive and technology-centered environment.  The methods for lead generation and lead nurturing are changing exponentially and some businesses are struggling to keep up. 

In short, there is increased competition for market share. This is largely because the barriers between companies and prospects have been minimized by technology, namely the World Wide Web.  This change dramatically effects business-to-business and business-to-consumer, but our focus here will on B2B.

It is common knowledge that the primary weapons in the worldwide marketing battle are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These social media forums are used more and more to effectively drive traffic to company websites, communicate with prospects, and ultimately build a pipeline of qualified leads for business. Consequently, the distance to your prospects is shorter, but the competition is higher.  How do you respond?

We have identified 3 primary approaches to lead generation.  Slick Chrome Number Buttons 3

1. Do it all yourself. 

Generate your own leads, qualify them, get the appointment, pitch them and close the opportunity!

2. Mix it up.

Buy a list of leads to qualify yourself, and then follow up with the appointment and close the opportunity.

3. Focus on the sale.

Find a capable company that can generate, qualify, and nurture leads AND turn them into appointments for your sales team.  Your focus is on maximizing the appointment to create an opportunity and you have a steady resource for your funnel development.  If the company has experience and know how, the results will be quantifiable!

Of course, deal size plays a big role in determining which of these three routes will be most cost effective for your company.  If the deal size is substantial, having someone else put you in pitching position with qualified leads can be very beneficial…not to mention profitable!

Also, there is a big difference between outside sales and lead generation. They are managed a lot different. Outside sales people are meant to be closing opportunities rather than hammering the phones.  It takes a lot of activity (As mentioned in How many No’s to get a Yes? ) to achieve results and good sales people are expensive!! ROI, lead generation

One easy way to help determine your best approach to leadgen is to run some cost analysis with a Return On Investment (ROI) calculator.  At Vendere Partners we have just such a tool, as well as a track record of proven results in the technology, life sciences and energy industry.  Have you taken a close look at your #leadgen costs, results, and options recently?  If not, now is a probably good time. You might be surprised by what you find and the options that are available.

Please feel free to share comments, suggestions, or questions.  For more information, please find us at venderepartners.com or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.  Our goal is to keep you updated with relevant information in this dynamic process of lead generation and lead nurturing.

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