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How to be On-Key When Utilizing KEYWORDS in Lead Generation

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Sep 1, 2011 @ 10:09 AM

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One very important element of lead generation and lead nurturing is maximizing your return on keywords, those words that you focus on to drive traffic to your website.

I think most folks in the SEO space understand that effective research and use of keywords is essential in today's business climate and level of online competition.

I would like to highlight a few points that some companies seem to miss in the quest for keyword optimization.

Don't be unrealistic 

Just because a word or set of words gets a lot of traffic in your industry does not mean it is within reach and will bring productive results. It is a fact of the online marketplace that some keywords are more competitive than others.

Part of the task of an effective marketer is finding a healthy and sustainable balance between the traffic level and competitive level of various keywords. Three important factors to consider are your site's authority, age, and any future optimization that might take place.

Watch out for context 

Try to avoid using words that are out of context. You might be able to get someone to your computer parts website that is looking for “storage” for their boat, but it is very doubtful that they will settle for a 400 gig external hard drive when what they need is a 8x16 ft storage unit for their BassTracker. You might get some short term traffic, but if your goal is to drive sales, this approach will probably not get you very far.lead-generation-lead-nurturing-keywords-tools-help

Do not ignore conversion 

Traffic to your website is great, but the main reason that search engine opimization exists is to drive sales. Hence, the real goal is to find and pursue qualified prospects. Your use of keywords can be a method of filtering those leads, having positive repercussions up through the sales cycle.

Make time to re-evaluate 

Companies should re-assess the effectiveness of their keywords on a regular basis. There needs to be solid research and metrics behind the decision of which keywords are providing the most effective results. An annual review is commonly recommended because you have to allow some time to achieve and measure results. However, there are some industries that are more competitive and may need to assess their keyword focus more regularly.

There is no perfect formula for this process but hopefully these insights will be helpful as you assess your use of keywords. Some companies do not have the resources to invest in SEO specifically. For these, there are other methods of lead generation and companies whose primary purpose is to drive sales by generating qualified leads through appointment setting and audience acquisition. For more information on just such a company, please visit www.venderepartners.com.

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