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Tips for Creating a Successful Email Campaign

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Aug 25, 2011 @ 13:08 PM

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One of the biggest needs for companies today is qualified, scored, nurtured, sales leads. Companies can have all the prospects in the world, but until they qualify the prospect and determine their level of interest, their sales pipeline is full of fluff and will not give an accurate forecast.

One of the ways to help create qualified, scored, nurtured, sales leads and generate a real pipeline with a forecast is to create an email campaign. Below are some tips for creating a successful email campaign.  

Keep Your Message Simple 

K.I.S.S. (not the rock band) Keep It Simple, Silly. Time is the most valuable resource. Your prospect has both internal and external distractions, email being the number one. Your email needs to be quick and to the point, using hyperlinks and calls-to-action to help reinforce the message.

Relevant Message 

If content is King; then Relevance is Queen. You can have great content but if it is poorly timed or there is no interest in the topic then you have wasted your most valuable resource, time!

Trusted Advisor 

It is not enough to sell boxes and services any more. Today’s buyer is too far along in the sales cycle and well informed when you reach them. Your goal should be to show the value of your services and how you display expertise and thought leadership in your field.

Subject Lines 

Your subject line will often determine whether your email is read. Gimmicks and sleight of hand will not work anymore. Your subject line needs to be anywhere from 70-120 characters with your company and your name at the end.  

Multiple Calls-To-Action 

Because of how short, quick, and to-the-point your email needs to be, capitalize on hyperlinks, videos, and call-to-action buttons. Not only do they shorten the email, but they will also help in scoring your nurturing campaign results to determine your prospects’ interests.

The main goals of an email campaign are to stay in front of your prospect by providing valuable information, keep them updated on your products and services, and score their responses to judge interest level in different areas. By keeping your email relevant, simple, concise and actionable, you will move the prospect through the sales cycle and generate more qualified leads for the sales team.

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