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5 Reasons to Disqualify a Prospect From Lead Generation Scoring

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Aug 23, 2011 @ 07:08 AM

This is an important topic that often gets overlooked because we simply don’t take the time to do an honest inventory on the real quality of the sales leads in our pipeline.  Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your qualified sales leads and your business is to “clean” some junk out of your funnel.  The unobstructed funnel tends to move things through a little quicker! There is no formula for this process, but we do have a few guidelines.Slick Chrome Number Buttons 5

1. You Don’t Know Them

Sometimes opportunities come your way that aren’t really opportunities.  These can come from a variety of places like a networking group, your best friend’s cousin’s former boss, or just an unrequested RFP.  Bottom line is that if it’s not a legitimate prospect, you can’t really treat it that way.  If you have not done the leg-work, you don’t get RFP’s.  Sometimes referrals are just too small.  Someone you know is trying to be helpful and send you some business, but it’s just not there.

2. Face Your Real Problem

A lot of salespeople struggle to do the needed amount of prospecting and consequently don’t have enough prospects, making the pipeline too shallow.  This will definitely make you think twice about disqualifying a lead because you don’t want your funnel any thinner than it is.  However, if you have an efficient system in place for lead generation scoring, qualified lead generation, and lead nurturing, there will not be as much hesitation to drop those prospects that are really just not a good fit.

3. They Don’t Value the Value You Create

Clearly, it is essential for a prospect to place some value on the product or service that you bring to the table if they are to invest in it.  If for some reason they just do not find real value in what you have, that prospect almost never turns into big, loud, referring fan of your company.  The client that finds the most value will bring the most value by SHARING with others about YOUR VALUE!  If they just don’t “get it” about your value, disqualify them.

4. The Business Is Unprofitable

One of rules that governs the business universe is that there is no way to lose money on every transaction and make it up with big volume. You must disqualify and remove prospects that will not be profitable for you and your organization.

5. You Can’t Create Value

Prospects must be disqualified when you cannot honestly create value for them.  If it’s not there then it’s just not there and you should move on, regardless of how much you might need a sale.  The turnover and cost associated with customers who aren’t really a good fit is very rarely worth the front end investment to get their business.  Just disqualify them.

Hopefully, this provides a helpful overview on how to eliminate unqualified prospects from lead generation scoring. The bottom line here is not a clean funnel for its own sake, but the fact that your lead nurturing process and lead sales cycle will be much more productive (and profitable) when you are pursuing scored qualified leads.

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