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How to Convert a Prospect into a Qualified Sales Lead

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Aug 4, 2011 @ 13:08 PM

You’re cold calling prospects and it seems almost impossible to close anyone or even get a sales appointment, especially in this economy. Your first question should be “How can I set myself apart and rise above the proverbial noise that is Lead Generation / Lead Nurturing / Prospecting / Cold Calling / Telemarketing”.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

Quality of List 

First and foremost

The quality of your business lead list that you’re utilizing can make or break your marketing Next_SRBcampaign.

When generating a list make sure to cover the following areas:

  • Are the contacts current.
  • Is the information complete for each contact.
  • Does the contact fit your target profile.
  • Is there multiple entry points (multiple contacts) for each organization.

Your Message 

Does it speak to your contacts

Your messaging should address the true needs and desires of your contacts both presently and in the near future. It should provoke internalization of the contact’s professional and personal policies, processes and operations. In today’s market your message needs to be to the point that highlights the advantages allowing the contact to be more effective, efficient, and/or productive.

Your Approach 

Just another telemarketer or Business Solutions Specialist

Everyone has gotten that telemarketing call that was so bad you just want to slam the phone down and pull your eyelids off!  . . . Well at least I have. This is the one true place that marketing professionals can rise above the fray. 

Ask yourself “how am I communicating with the prospect”. “Does my communications help navigate the conversation towards a desired result” – qualified sales appointments, etc. “Am I gathering the type of information that will help me get to the decision maker, get the appointment and eventually close the deal.” The last thing you want to do is read verbatim some script that was developed and only provides information about the solutions you/your organization provides and has nothing in it that allows you to get to know your potential client.

Hopefully this will get you thinking about how you and your company are truly perceived by your potential clients. This is part of our core focus here at Vendere Partners. Understanding, focusing on and refining our processes has allowed us to help SMBs, Midcap companies and Fortune 100 & 500 clients have tremendous success when engaging in Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing and Event Audience Acquisition.

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