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How Does Your Lead Generation Funnel Flow?

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Jul 26, 2011 @ 09:07 AM

A business lives and dies by its sales funnel and lead generation efforts. Without a funnel or lead generation you do not have any potential prospects, sales, customers, let alone repeat business. It is the sales funnel that generates, when done correctly, quality leads for the sales team.

Dollars funnel.

There are several ways to generate qualified sales leads for your funnel, Email Campaigns, Direct Mail, Print, Radio, and TV advertising. All of these can be targeted to specific prospects but lack an essential element. You are not talking with the customer. You do not have the ability to get immediate direct responses
from the prospect. That is where a calling campaign/blitz comes into play where you are reaching out to the customer and asking for a direct response from the customer.

In a call campaign/blitz, 110 targeted dials equals’ an average of one qualified lead per day, five qualified leads per week, and 20 qualified leads per month.

Let’s say, each sales lead equals a $20,000.00 sale in net new business with an average of 6% margin ($1,200.00). $1,200 (margin) times 20 sales leads per month equals $24,000.00 worth of margin that the sales leads generate per month and $288,000 per year. The total potential is $288,000.00. If average percent to close is 20% your forecast would be $57,600.00 per year. By ‘super-qualifying’, setting lead criteria, setting a lead rating, and running your sales leads through a lead funnel, you increase the close ratio from 20% to 30%; thus, increasing your forecast from $57,600 to $86,400. That is a $17,280 forecast increase.  

A sales funnel is just that and you get what you put into it. If you put junk prospects into your funnel you are going to get junk leads out. If you take target prospects and put them into your funnel you are going to get qualified sales leads out. Qualified sales leads result in shorter sales cycles, higher close ratios, happier sales representatives and managers, more profitable sales, and a more profitable company.

What are you doing to increase your sales forecast?


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