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5 Things to do for a Lead Generation or Lead Nurturing email campaign

Posted by Vendere Team on Wed, Jul 13, 2011 @ 11:07 AM

Email marketing is a crucial component of lead generation and lead nurturing, especially today with new marketing automation tools, shrinking sales budgets, and everyone doing more with less.

Even with the marketing automation tools that you can use today, you still have to put the campaign together. If you scroll down, you will see where I put out a blog a few weeks ago on what not to do for an email campaign. I thought I would put one out on 5 things to do for a lead generation or a lead nurturing email campaign.

1. Segment the Contact Database 

Make sure you segment the database for targeted deployment. This will allow you to send specific emails to specific target prospects. Segmenting the data and selective targeting of the emails will allow for greater accuracy in measuring the return on investment and allow less ‘noise’ to those prospects that would not be interested nor would fit the solution on the email.

2. Define Lead Scoring Criteria

Defining the scoring criteria allows you to set fivegoals, set nurturing activities like follow up calls, and determine whether further emails to the prospects are necessary or not.

By setting criteria for the flow of information, you can also track what topics prospects are interested in and allow you to develop whitepapers, webinars, calls to action, and other activities surrounding those interested topics. You can also tell what topics the prospects are not interested in and change your focus if necessary. Defining Scoring Criteria will also let you know when a sales representative needs to be notified to contact the prospect, what the prospect is interested in, and what the prospect has looked at for future sales opportunities.

3. Multiple Touches 

Make sure that you set the campaign to touch the prospect at set intervals and more than once. If you just send one email, you will never know what the prospect is truly interested in and what their interest level is. This will also enable you to take the prospect further into the sales cycle, thus shortening the time to close.

4. Create a Follow Up Plan for Disqualified and Dropped Prospects 

Just because you get a no does not mean no forever. No means not right now. Expect prospects to disqualify themselves and to stop responding. People get sick, accidently delete emails, have bad days, etc. Have a plan of action for when prospects fall off the map.

That is a great time to call and touch base. Make sure that your current contact is still with the company; if not, find the right person and start them from the beginning. Let the new prospect walk through the process again. Plus, it is a great way to see if they are a fit for any of the other campaigns/services that you are offering.

5. Analyze and Revise Your Plan

At defined intervals take a step back and analyze what is working and what is not. Pull all the results from all the campaigns past and present and compare and contrast not only the results but the criteria.

Were you consistent on every one? Did you leave something out? What was the largest response? What worked? What did not? What day got the most results? What time of day got the most response? This will help you adjust accordingly and help set the criteria for future campaigns.

There you have them, 5 things to do for a lead generation or a lead nurturing email campaign; segment your contact database, define scoring criteria, multiple touches, create a follow up plan for disqualified and dropped prospects, and analyze and revise your plan. Now try it out on your own. Once you create an initial flow, you can follow the same format or even switch it up and tweak in areas based on interest level of each prospect. Here I have provided a base. We will continue to dig deeper and offer more strategic ideas as to how you can stay in front of your customers and prospects to cultivate new business opportunities. I would be interested to hear your results.

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