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Lead Generation: From a Shotgun to a Rifle Approach

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Jul 7, 2011 @ 13:07 PM

Like using a shotgun, if companies wanted to generate leads for their sales representatives we would put an advertisement in the paper or phone book for a maximum spread shot.

Then came television and companies spent millions of dollars on advertising based upon research identifying what shows your targeted prospects watched. We used a larger shotgun.

When the PC first became as a common tool for communication we used email blasts and put advertisements on webpages that their prospects were thought to look at. Similar to using shotgun ammo with a tighter spread.  As companies focus their lead generation and lead nurturing efforts from quantity to quality, the change in focus requires companies to think before they leap, similar to taking a rifle and taking careful aim at a target.Aim

Today, using the tools that have been developed for the web, companies can use clickthroughs, cookies, and trackers to see how their online efforts are doing. More precisely the tools are being used to help measure the telemarketing, print, and video efforts.

Companies can take very loose or strict criterion, which can include a person’s title and role, the company revenue, or the company head count.  These help define rankings and qualifications of a prospect when applied through a lead generation scoring matrix. The results are a more qualified prospect and metrics to measure the impact of lead nurturing and lead generation campaigns. This process helps provide the true cost per prospect or how many opportunities the sales team creates as a result of the measured campaign.

Because of this targeted focus surrounding prospecting, lead nurturing, qualifying, and scoring; sales representatives need less leads to close. This allows an increase in close ratio and decreases the sales lifecycle. Sales representatives can use this time saved by learning about current and new customers, expanding the company’s product footprint, and concentrating on increasing the most profitable revenue streams.

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