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How Do You Gauge Interactive Marketing Success?

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Jun 30, 2011 @ 07:06 AM

The 2011 Chief Marketer Interactive Marketing Survey was recently released and the results are quite interesting.

The month-long, online, survey polled over 600 marketing professionals in B2B, and B2C companies in the manufacturing, retail, financial, healthcare, travel, entertainment, advertising, publishing, database, and non-profit verticals.

One of the results of the survey was the metrics that were used to measure success of Interactive Marketing. Not surprisingly the top five were Clickthroughs, Traffic to Website, Lead Generation/User Opt-In, Page Views, and Incremental Sales. All of these are a result in the shift from traditional Marketing Mediums to Internet Marketing and Social Media.


As you look at the graph above, I was surprised to see ‘customer retention/reactivation’ and ‘return on investment’ were so high. With content being the key factor driving customer interaction, I would have expected ‘offer response rates’ and ‘request for more information’ would have replaced ‘retention/reactivation’ and ‘return on investment’, in that order, followed by ‘engagement with web content’.

As I understand it, the main goal of marketing is driving sales; however, tying offline sales directly to an online marketing campaign is difficult. Online sales can be tracked by Clickthroughs, Traffic to Website, Lead Generation/User Opt-In, Page Views, and the other entire web based tools. It would then make since to use the online tools that are easy to use and give instant data to help show the success or failure of any campaign.

At the end of the day though, someone has to pick up a phone or visit the prospect, generate a lead generation scoring ranking, and make sure it is a qualified sales lead. Otherwise all the efforts of marketing online or not are wasted.


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