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Taking Customer Service to the Next Level: 4 Ways to Use Video as a Tool

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, May 24, 2011 @ 09:05 AM

Since the dawn of the Kinescope, in 1891 by the Edison Company, we have been fascinated with telling stories with motion pictures.  In 1925 the film The Lost World began manipulating the motion pictures to make them more interesting. Throughout the years, with its many ups and down, the Film/Video and Television industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar juggernaut.  digital camera 1
Fast forward to today, there are now hundreds of organizations that produce, manage, distribute and store digital video information around the globe. The uses for video have paralleled the growth cycle of the industry. This growth has included various areas and channels in Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Human Resources and Customer Service.

Being a movie nut, I do not hide the fact that I believe video is the wave of the future in Internet Marketing. The next few examples describe how video is used as a customer service tool: Training, the Virtual Sales Pitch, Kiosk, and Technical Support.

1. Training

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have started a job and was directed by HR to sit in front of a TV screen and watched either a training or OSHA video. With the introduction and new software, hardware, and networks, companies can now have live training sessions across the globe. Companies can interact instantly regarding questions on their latest company policies and procedures. Additionally, they can record these live sessions and post them on the web on a FAQ page to answer questions about a company’s return policy or how to navigate their web storefront.

2. Virtual Sales Pitch

In your mind picture a webcam on the PC or Laptop of every Sales Agent around the globe . . . The sales agent would then have unlimited access to the  territory that they were assigned and only be limited by the prospect’s ability to view that video. In the past, I have had online sales calls to customers and prospects around the US. For me it was very beneficial: less travel time, less stress on me and my family and I was able to see customers whenever our schedules permitted. Most of the presentations that I gave were placed on YouTube and I was able to use them over and over again for different prospects and customers. Real estate agents are experts in doing this. Go out on YouTube and you’ll find home after home being shown in a video to entice you to see more and set an appointment to view the home.

3. Kiosk

Think back to this weekend, did you shop in a big box discount store like Target or Walmart? Did you use the scanner on the pole to check a price on an item instead of finding a CSR to help? What if customers could walk up to a Kiosk and give recorded customer feedback on Target, Walmart, or a product that you have just placed in thier basket? What if after seeing a movie moviegoers could walk up to a Kiosk and give reviews on the movie they just saw? Companies could then place those videos as testimonials onto thier website as soon as they were uploaded.

4. Technical Support

(VCS) “Sprint Relay Video Customer Service enables the customer contact with a Sprint representative who uses American Sign Language (ASL). VCS can provide technical assistance; handle billing questions or other customer service issues.” When I read this I literally thought in my head “Now THAT is the way you use video”. Sprint has taken a niche customer base and catered this solution to directly help Sprint connect with their prospects and customers.

In my quest to continue to ‘Pay It Forward’ I wanted to share ways I have found to use video as a customer service tool with you: training, the virtual sales pitch, customer kiosk, and technical support. As we continue to experiment with Internet Marketing and take the craft into directions we never thought of, we will find ways to integrate home usage into the mix as technology and the web continues to expand into our lives.

How close are we to a virtual 3D person greeting us at the doorway and letting us know about the latest news or sports that we missed that day?

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