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The Future of Internet Marketing for Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing

Posted by Vendere Team on Fri, May 20, 2011 @ 14:05 PM

Tempur-pedic’s “Ask me” advertising campaign took a new twist when they injected “Ask me about my Tempur-pedic” commercial.

The commercial encourages prospective customers to connect with people who already own Tempur-Pedic mattresses on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. CEO, Mark Sarvary, is so confident in the quality of a Tempur-Pedic mattress that he is willing to let customers sell it for him.

I believe that this is the perfect example of lead nurturing and lead generation in today’s social media-driven world. You have a company putting it all on the line, or rather, online.  They are allowing their current customer base to interact with potential consumers. The discussions and chats are about the positives and negatives of their product. Their goal is to have the entire social media world virally talking about quality of their bed.www concept 2

On their website you can actually click on buttons that direct you to tell your story and listen to others' experiences. These large, bold buttons connect the visitor with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They even give you a way to bookmark the comments on Google.

This deep social media embrace is the first that I have seen. This is a leading example of how Internet Marketing works to create leads and nurture them to either a full sale or help create brand awareness and thought.

Now Tempur-pedic has their engine primed with leads and people talking about their product.  As you would predict, the whole Internet Marketing/Social Media world is waiting and watching; waiting and watching to see how they succeed or if they fail. So far, the numbers do not lie: on March 6th 2009 Tempur-pedic’s stock was trading at $4.46 per share, and on Monday, that same stock was trading at $63.26. I am sure that there are other factors involved, but you cannot underestimate the impact that the campaign has had on the company’s success.

How are you trying to use Internet Marketing and Social Media like Tempur-pedic?

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