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10 Things to do with a Tradeshow Attendee List for Lead Generation

Posted by Vendere Team on Fri, May 6, 2011 @ 15:05 PM

You just returned from the largest trade show in your industry. You had thousands of prospects visit your booth and leave their information in either an virtual or physical fish bowl hoping to win that awesome give away have for them. Now what do you do with all that data? Use these lead generation tips, of course!Check List

1. First, if you didn’t get it completed before the end of the show, draw a name and let the person know that they won! The anticipation is killing them so get it done.

2. Next, if you used a physical fish bowl, grab those business card and business card scanner and start scanning! This will save you a bunch of time because typing in all of that data from the cards is not fun and very time consuming!

3. Then, I would recommend mailing a Thank You card to each individual, thanking them for stopping by the booth. Hopefully you made notes on the meaningful conversations and can refer to them in the Thank You cards. This type of response is a bit old fashion but it will set you apart. I mean who does those things anymore?

4. Next, you have to come up with a strategy on how to turn those prospects into customers. I would recommend sorting the data base by territory (zip code) and then by company and lastly by title.

5. Create some ‘Exclusive Offerings’ that are pertinent to the industry verticals that the tradeshow booth attendees fall into.

6. Then, create an email campaign, make sure to include an opt out option, around your offerings and send them out (I recommend no more than once a quarter).

7. Next, take the data/individuals and integrate them into your Social Media Marketing Strategy. Interact with them through Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, etc. so that you can stay connected, “In Front Of”, them. This will be very beneficial when you call on them in the future.

LinkedIn for lead generation and sales

8. Follow that with a blog about the conference, the good, the bad, and the ugly. More good than bad and make sure you write about those ‘memorable’ people (highlight the person that won the prize) that stopped by the booth that you spoke with.

9. The next step will be to develop a telemarketing script around the interests and needs of those that attended the show, thank them for stopping by, and how you would like to set an appointment up (face to face first then phone if it is more convenient) to go over your products or services in more detail.

10. Finally call and set the appointments!!!

Now that you are armed with a little more structure I am sure that you will be ready to go the next time you attend a trade show to take those prospects, move them into appointments, and close the sale! Best of Luck and look for more great tips coming in the near future!

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