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CSM: Lead Generation Best Practices + Social Media = Business Success

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, May 3, 2011 @ 14:05 PM

The rules of blogging, either written or unwritten, state that you are not supposed to sell your services, you are supposed to release great content on the web as an expert in your field and the content that you present to the world is to drive people to your landing page and the landing page presents the services that you offer. What if they mix? What if the content that you are supposed to be presenting is the very services that you offer?  HHHMMMM . . . What If?

Business GraphFor the past 18-24 months Vendere Partners has been actively forging an integrated social media strategy that fits seamlessly, as possible, into our overall marketing mix. During this integration period we have learned how to incorporate the new information we have gathered on new marketing channels and spaces (such as social media, etc), into what we do very well (qualified lead generation, sales appointment setting, and event audience acquisition).  

What We Have Found:

Through this process we have learned some very useful facts that have strengthened the foundation of our strategy. We have found that companies have or are embracing the fact that consumers are utilizing the opinions and thoughts of their social sphere to formulate researching and buying decisions of their own. The interesting fact is that a consumer’s sphere is far more reaching than most people realize. It includes friends of friends and their friends and so on.

Additionally, consumers are sharing their experiences, personal and professional, as well as the experiences of the individuals in their social sphere, in the vast space of social media. The old term “Spreads Like Wild Fire” has taken on a whole new meaning. Organizations must be very sensitive to the distribution of information and opinions in this manner because it can have a tremendous impact . . . positive as well as negative.

Putting It All Together:

Sometimes the biggest challenge is to meld what you’ve learned Marketing Viralwith what you do extremely well. You need to take into consideration the impact this new information will have on each division or part of your company. Once you have figured that out, you can then develop a role out strategy that can get everyone on the same page and going in the same direction. We all know how interesting that can be . . . yikes.

Almost everyone I have encounter has told me stories about the battles that rage inside their organizations, in most case behind closed doors, between Marketing (internet and/or traditional) and Sales.

You have Sales that state “Marketing is not generating enough quality leads” and Marketing states that “Sales cannot take the leads that they are given and close their way out of a paper bag”.

So, I ask you the proverbial question WHAT IF?

•    What if you used your website as a tool that created more qualified leads that you could actually track?
•    What if you took social media marketing and added a small layer to further qualify and scrub all the ‘noise’ that you get?
•    What if you could generate qualified appointments for your sales team to walk in and just sit down and talk about your prospects needs instead of starting from scratch?sales leads

After many round table sessions, late night research assignments and plenty or energy drinks later, (Red Bull, Rockstar, Starbucks, etc.) Vendere Partners came up with a solution to answer the question “What If” - The Converged Sales and Marketing Program.
Our CSM Program utilizes lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns to generate prospects for our clients via telemarketing and proprietary software programs. These leads/prospects derived from an extensive prospect list that has been created and refined over the past several years. Additionally, we have optimized our website and used our Internet Marketing Strategy to engage and manage our prospects, clients, friends and followers, to share our experiences, trials, tribulations and successes.

Now that the dust is starting to settle, we are seeing the fruits of our labor and the fruit is as delicious as an East Texas Tomato on warm sunny day. We would truly enjoy sharing those experiences with you. If you would like to learn more, either click on the link below, ‘Like’ us on Facebook, Follow us on LinkedIn, or follow us Twitter @venderepartners.

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