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Posted by Vendere Team on Wed, Apr 27, 2011 @ 08:04 AM

I was driving to work at 6:00AM the other morning, tired from lack of sleep from the night before and lost in thought, and just before I slammed on the breaks to miss the woman in the car ahead of me who was taking a drag on a cigarette, while putting on eye liner, talking on the phone, with her head out the window trying to dry her hair, and doing 45 MPH in 65 MPH zone. I was doing 69.99MPH, unless you are in law enforcement; if you are, I was doing 64.99MPH, honest officer, I was. At that moment a light bulb went off in my head and I knew instantly what this week’s blog needed to be about.

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog titled 26 Ways to Use Video in Social Media and last week I wrote an article titled TOP 5 Things That Every Internet Marketing Newbie Needs To Know, Yes, I wrote them in reverse order thank you for noticing, both of which by the way had a question on the bottom of them and ONLY A FEW OF YOU answered them and . . . moving on. This week’s blog needs to be… (drumroll please) ELEMENTS OF A VIRAL VIDEO IN THE WORLD OF SOCAL MEDIA.

You are asking yourself, “What does this have to do with sales appointment setting, qualified sales leads, or telemarketing lead generation and why do I care?” Let me tell you…

camera to record viral marketing video

I strongly believe that video is the future in social media. Electronically sending a Video to your prospect or client gives you the ability present how your product or service is better than your competition without physically being there.

As a result, sale territories are not just national; they are international, and the cost to manage a global territory decreases significantly. As well, using video in your internet marketing plan and linking to the social media chain allows you to touch more people, more touches equals more leads.

According to Wikipedia: “Viral marketing and viral advertising are buzzwords referring to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of viruses or computer viruses.”

So, how do you make a video go viral?

You cannot make a video ‘go viral’ just like you cannot make a joke funny. A joke either make you laugh or it won’t depending on your tastes. A video either will or will not ‘go viral’ but like a joke, each viral video has the same elements in them.

After watching some very funny videos, (not on company time wink . wink . wink) I have found 9 common elements that you need help a video go viral (in no importance of order): an emotional response, short in length, location, tags, unexpected twist, product placement, open source, clarity, and thumbnail.

Emotional Response: Almost all viral videos either push or pull on the emotions in some way or fashion.
Short in Length: I have seen anywhere from 45 seconds but no longer than 90 seconds.
Location/Post: Make sure you get the word out on as many Man recording viral marketing videosocial media sites as possible.
Tags: Tag the video with your keywords and keywords that will help people search for it.
Unexpected Twist: Have the video make a left turn and leaving them scratching their head.
Product Placement: Make sure your product or service is shown at all times; make a joke of it being there.
Open Source: Leave the video open for people to manipulate the video; more access means more viewers.
Clarity: Do you really want people squinting their eyes while they look at your logo?
Thumbnail: Manipulate your video thumbnail to the most shocking point in the video to get more views.

There you have it: the keys that I believe you need to make a video go viral. There is not a secret formula though. You may have the best video in the world, every element possible, and think it is the funniest thing since tripping over a dinosaur’s tail. It either will or will not go viral. That is for the viewers to decide and if does not try and try again.

Here at Vendere Partners we continue to research, development and refine our meaningful video services, and online SaaS tools, which are available for everyone to use. We truly believe that video is a very important tool that helps and continue to help us reach our employee, departmental, division and company goals and objectives. One area Vendere Partners has been focusing on lately is the capabilities of the training aspect of video for employees as well as current and potential clients. We use various solutions to create examples of how Vendere Partners generates qualified leads and appointments for our clients and strategic partners.

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