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TOP 5 Things That Every Internet Marketing Newbie Needs To Know

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Apr 14, 2011 @ 12:04 PM

A couple of months ago, I began learning more about the progression of Marketing from the 1990's to Internet Marketing today and how social media today plays into lead generation.

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The journey began as a quest for knowledge; it all started with a meeting that included our Marketing Manager. I was truly fascinated by the process of Internet Marketing and how Social Media was integrated into the overall plan. I began asking him questions and he suggested that I write a blog.

It was an interesting process and I enjoyed having my ideas out there and watching people interact with my ideas/thoughts.

One thing led to another and now I am the Marketing Manager for Vendere Partners. As I look back on the advice that was shared to me I thought I would ‘Pay It Forward’ and share that knowledge with the masses.

Below are the basic steps that I believe, if you are dipping your toe into the Internet Marketing world, you’ll need to know before you venture forward.

1. Plan, Plan and then Plan

What are you trying to accomplish? Take a goal sheet; write your goals, tasks, and quantifiable milestones. Make sure you at the very least include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a Blog; these are the basic essentials.

2. Listen

Take at least a week and just ‘listen.’ Search for the keywords that best describe your business, service, main target, etc and look for areas (blogs, websites, tweets, discussion Top 5 Thingsgroups) in your industry that you can read and what is being said to just gather data. (Write down what you find for future blog topics and references).

3. Think

How does this affect my business, my sales strategy, and my customer service policies? What is relevant to my customers and more importantly my competition’s customers?

4. Interact

After a while you will find a discussion or two that you want to interact with. Go ahead, comment, add your URL, but make sure it is a positive contribution to the discussion. No one likes someone yelling fire in a crowded movie theater.

5. Routine

Design a schedule and stick to it. At first it will be easy; ideas will flow thru your head and it will be nice to see the comments and the interaction. Make sure your write all those great ideas down though so you do not forget them. You can refer back to your notes when ideas are running low.

If you get stuck for ideas to write about or topics to discuss, go back to your keywords and start writing about them. You will learn how to integrate your work day around the social interaction of prospects and current customers; you will learn what good content vs. ‘craptent’ is, and you will learn what is working and what is not. The key is to not abandon your efforts. If it not working, ask the discussion groups, sit and listen more, or ask your current customers what they would want to see or how they would want to interact with you.

At Vendere Partners every Thursday morning we get together for 30 minutes for a meeting as a way for each one of us to share our experiences and knowledge as a personal and professional growth session. We use Internet Marketing and Social Media to pass on that knowledge. When we find tools that we believe that are useful we share them and when we read an interesting articles, blogs, news stories, or quotes we share those a well.

All of this activity will lead to good and interesting content, some better than others, and will result in qualified lead generation and generate business to business sales leads for our internal sales pipeline management (one of the goals that you set in the plan that you have created).

You have some basic knowledge now . . .GET STARTED! Develop a Plan of attack | Set a schedule time to just “Listen” | Strategize | Discuss and Interact | Develop a routine and schedule. And most of all have fun and enjoy it!!

Comments, Questions, Criticisms… ask and you shall receive.

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