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26 Ways to Use Video in Social Media

Posted by Vendere Team on Fri, Apr 8, 2011 @ 13:04 PM

record video with a camcorder

I was talking with Jeff Combs the other day and he described a video that he had seen on YouTube about B2B telemarketing. As he was describing the video to me I started to laugh and I knew I had to see it.

As soon as I got to work, I turned on my computer, got my coffee, logged in and begin to search YouTube for the video. What I realized later is that I just participated in ‘soft viral marketing’. I watched the video and laughed my head off. I then clicked on the comment button on the bottom of the video and it went straight to the sponsor’s website. I commented what a great video it was and thanked them for the post. I could not wait to tell everyone in the office about it. I went to Facebook and Twitter and posted a comment with the link to the video.

What I just described, is the social media interaction of potential and current customers with organizations that provide products and services globally. The use of video as a medium to drive traffic to a specific location, virtual or brick and mortar, worked perfectly.

Video Integrated Marketing

While searching for more information about video marketing I came across an article by Debbie Henley (twitter: @dhemle) titled “26 Ways to Engage With Customers Using Video”. While I was reading the article, I found myself searching the internet searching for the keywords such as ‘QIK’ and ‘VIMEO’ that were a part of her article.

I highly recommend reading and bookmarking the article. Not only is it a valuable source of collaborative information, the article is also an essential piece of information for companies that are just starting to discover video as a tool. Also, companies should utilize this list to enhance the way they are currently using video not only to reach new customers(as a sales & marketing tool) but interact with the customers(as a customer service tool) they already have.

Below Ms. Heley's list and a snippet of ways they can be used:

1. Apple’s FaceTime – interactive customer support
2. Behind the Scenes – showing videos of the day to day activities in your company
3. Case Studies – showing how your products or services has helped your customers
4. Diary-Style Videos – a new twist to the ‘Dear Diary…”
5. Email – another way to make your videos stand out to potential clients
6. Facebook – allows you to video your blog and have all your ‘likes’ watch
7. Get Seen – more of a handbook on how to but extremely useful
8. Have a Good Time – party like a rock star and show your silliness   
9. Interviews – become the next Barbara Walters and interview experts in your field
10. Jing – record software demo and examples of how to use your online services
11. Key Influencers – cannot interview? take one that you have found on line and post it
12. LinkedIn –show a clip of your value and set yourself above the competition
13. Mini Documentary - how about recording your value statement or elevator pitch
14. News and Commentary – can you say “Today on Vendere Partners TV”
15. Outreach – using video showing charitable contributions and social responsibility
16. Product Tours – show case your products, their ROI, and TCO
17. Qik – your customer cannot make that lunch and learn… live stream it to them
18. Regular Voice – Learn when you do and do not sound like Elmer Fudd
19. Skype – Talk and/or video chat anywhere in the world at any time between users
20. Training – use your video as a training tool on how to use your products and services
21. Ustream – stream live your companies presidential address to the masses
22. Vimeo – park your video’s here; YouTube’s competition
23. Web TV- Place your town halls here
24. External Communication – don’t email it, video it
25. YouTube – park your videos here
26. Zappos-Style Review – get others to review your products and services

There are hundreds of undiscovered software products, downloads, and applications that are currently out there on the web for an individual to discover. However this list will get you started in your quest for video integration into your sales, marketing and customer service efforts.

So, the questions are what are you using and how are you interacting with your customers and prospects?

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