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B2B Lead Generation: Audience Acquisition Strategies in High Tech

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Mar 24, 2011 @ 10:03 AM

We have written several blogs lately around event audience acquisition strategies, lunch and learn events, how to put them together, and how to drive attendance. What we have not talked about is what the subject matter should or could be. 

Two blogs ago I wrote about the economy growing and getting better; if you did not read it then I recommend you do. It was not the most well written blog, I admit that, but it was the content was the most important.

Because we are seeing a 34% growth rate so far over last year and we have doubled our staff size, we wanted to let you know what is working for our information system partners in successfully driving an increase in their sales and profits and how our partners are getting their message out to their prospects.

Our partners are the most successful and effective by using event audience acquisition strategies for driving attendance to lunch and learn events. These events are used for getting the message out about their products and services surrounding their offerings and specialties and how those products and services not only save time, money, and the ability to respond faster to today’s growing business needs but in the long run actually pay for themselves thru ease of use, manageability, and decreased down time.

What is working pie chart
As you can see from the graph above out of the 138 events that we have driven attendance for 64% has been on storage and virtualization (VMWare, HP, EMC, MS Hyper-V), 18% on Data-Deduplication, and 18% has been on business application solutions. In the past month, we are seeing an increase in HP’s 3Par Solution (Virtual Storage).

How high is the ROI? I am not sure as to the exact dollar amount but I can tell you we consistently put 20 to 50 qualified prospects in a room every week for our partners and they consistently return to us for event audience acquisition.

Also the cost per lead is lower than any solution that we offer and the cost of sales is lower for our customers. Maybe they only get one or two more sales out of the event, maybe they finally get that prospect in a room that they have been targeting for years, or maybe they are looking to get the word out on their company by having us dial 200 dials a day for two weeks straight. I am not 100% sure .

I do know that they keep coming back and telling us that they are successful and repeating the formula over and over.

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