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Expand Profitability; Teach Employees to Think Outside Their Cubes

Posted by Vendere Team on Wed, Mar 16, 2011 @ 12:03 PM

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Ask a simple question and you can tell instantly how an individual processes information and what their observations are of how the question was asked, what the details are and what solutions, if any, are to the question. I call this the E-I-E Test (Employee, Intrepreneur, Entrepreneur Test)

This simple test provides a tremendous amount of information about the test subject. It will also uncover hidden talents that can be nurtured into a tremendous asset for your organization while giving them life skills that will help the individuals achieve well beyond what they previously thought possible.

Example of the E-I-E Test – Place a red/yellow apple in front of someone and ask them what they see. Most people will say an apple . . . then ask them what they truly see and listen to how they respond. Some individuals will simply say, they see a red apple on a table. Others will say they see an opportunity to feed not only themselves but others. Certain individuals will say that the apple is the result of a natural growth process and describe that process. And some individuals will state that they see a product that is one of millions produced annually. All answers are correct but each one tells you the level on which the individual thinks.

Just like your organization, Vendere Partners is moving deeper into the information age and we realize our number one asset is the collective intellectual property of the individuals that make up our growing organization. Developing the mental capabilities of our employees has become vital to our success, especially in an economy where every dollar counts and missed opportunities can bring our organization to it proverbial knees. I call the process of growing an employee’s corporate understanding and mental capabilities as “Becoming an Intrepreneur”.

Similar to every organization, each employee has tasks/duties they must perform here at Vendere Partners. How well those tasks are fulfilled directly relates to our success, and the success of our clients.

Getting the employees started down the path of becoming an intrepreneur began by having a general meeting with all of departments at Vendere Partners. During that meeting we spoke to “Potential Intrepreneurs” about how each of their accomplishments are hinged on the other, and that what they’re doing directly relates to the success of Vendere Partners. In general terms we spoke about the manner in which we handle and process business and how decisions, here at Vendere Partners, are made to keep the business moving forward in a positive manner.

For your organization, after a general meeting, speak with each individual and ask them “how do you think, that what you are doing on a daily basis fits into the scheme of how your organization is doing business?”. Now challenge them to think beyond that, well beyond it. Ask them to consider the impact of their actions and to think of how they can improve and refine their internal processes and approach to life and business.

There are many books and websites that can provide information and training materials to help employees with the process of adding tremendous value to their lives. At Vendere Partners we believe that this process is vital to the well being of our employees and our organization as a whole. This helps all of our employees relate to the vision and focus of Vendere Partners, which has directly translated into positive corporate growth during global economical instability.

Guest written By Jeffrey Combs

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