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Is The Economy Growing; What Is Your Organization Doing To Keep Pace?

Posted by Vendere Team on Fri, Mar 11, 2011 @ 08:03 AM

With oil hitting $100+ a barrel we are all watching carefully the news to see if the economy is going to take another downturn or stay growing.

“There is good news for sustainable economic growth in the US post 2008 financial crisis. Employment rates have passed through the inflexion point and recent reports on production and spending point to an accelerated momentum in the economy.” - Economy Watch

“Despite signs of higher costs being passed on to consumers, demand for manufactured goods remains strong. New orders for manufactured goods, up six of the last seven months, rose 3.1 percent ($13.6 billion) to a total of $445.6 billion in January, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce last week. Excluding the often-volatile transportation sector, new orders increased 0.7 percent in January.” - Economy Watch

“The Federal Reserve said the labor market improved throughout the country early this year, driven by rising retail sales and “solid growth” in manufacturing.” - Bloomberg

"The big January drop followed two months of strong gains in business investment spending and was seen as a temporary setback," the Associated Press reports. "Economists believe business investment will get a boost this year from a new tax break which provides for full write-offs for capital equipment purchases made this year." - ThomasNet

Un-employment is modestly decreasing, retail sales aredescribe the image increasing, manufacturing is increasing, and the expectation is that companies will begin to start making capital purchase again.

We took our largest customer and we decided to look at our internal data to confirm or deny  what we are reading. Below are results w:

The data sampling is from 2010 8/21 thru 12/22, 99 working days (we do not work the week between Christmas and New Years) and for 2011, 1/3 thru 3/9, 47 working days.

Because the campaigns have different completion dates we could not calculate at this time total days actually worked because all the campaigns are not completed and some could be extended. Therefore we only calculated the total number of campaigns.

For the 99 working days in 2010 we started and completed 186 different campaigns.

For the 43 working days in 2011 we have started 134 campaigns.

If you do the ratio, 186 campaigns over 99 days, we would only have to do 89 campaigns in 2011 just to stay in line with last year’s pace. We have started 134… That is a 34% increase in campaign activity over the same time frame. We can definitely say that organizations recognize the changes and are adapting to them by increasing their sales efforts and lead generation activities.

How is your organization keeping pace?

Stay tuned for more granular facts and analysis around  the increase in lead generation levels, what prospects are saying, buying cycle changes and much more….

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