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To Attend or Not To Attend a Lunch & Learn Event

Posted by Brad Bethune on Fri, Mar 4, 2011 @ 12:03 PM

Table with lunch for lunch and learn eventSo you have been invited to a Lunch & Learn event – either you received an invitation via snail mail, a b2b email, a cold call, or your vendor representative invited you to one the last time he stopped by.

Do you attend or not attend?

A Lunch & Learn serves different purposes for different companies. For the sponsors, it is a way to get information out on not only the latest trends and methodologies but a way to showcase the latest products and services and how they have benefited other companies similar to the attendees.
For the attendees, it is a way to learn about the latest trends, methodologies, products, services, and savings of resources.

The Information Technology sector has been implementing this technique for years. It is one of their main sales tools to reach their potential and current partners, customers, and prospects. As technology exponentially grows, along with the recent economical growth, we have seen a significant increase in demand for Lunch & Learns. This is a sign of great things to come if the latest gas prices do not kill the growth.

What is Vendere Partners role in all of this? One of our offerings is Event Audience Acquisition; we have driven attendance to over 350 lunch & learn events in the past year.

There are many reasons for and against spending valuable time at a subject-specific Lunch & Learn event.  Here are a few, we at Vendere Partners, think you should consider:1. Free Lunch
Who doesn’t like a free lunch!2. Networking Come meet with your peers and discuss ways that they have reduced costs or increased productivity.3. You want to learn about the subject matter Remember knowledge is power! You may also identify ways to test things out on your own, in your garage. Microsoft pun intended4. You have an existing initiative around the subject matter You have been toying with the idea of this solution or a better way to do “X”. What better way to determine if the solution is a fit or meets your needs?

At the end of the day there is just one question, should I attend or not? If you don’t attend, you are not allowing yourself the opportunity to learn new things. If it is a waste of time for yourself and others involved, save the free lunch for something of value.

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