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Top 10 B2B Blog Title Ideas other than Top 10 Lists

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Feb 17, 2011 @ 14:02 PM

10 blog title ideasWhen I started blogging about lead generation, telemarketing, B2B sales, and the like, almost every resource I read told me that readers absolutely eat up "Top 10" or "Top 5" or "Top X" lists.

Our own blog analytics actually prove that it's somewhat true for us. Just take a look at our top 10 blog entries by page views. Six of them are lists of some sort.

  1. The Top 100 Overused Business Clichés
  2. 10 Ways to Leave Voicemails that get Callbacks
  3. The Best Days and Times for B2B Sales Prospecting
  4. 5 B2B Appointment Setting Techniques
  5. The 10 Types of Closers: Which One are You?
  6. Is "Cold Calling" dead? Is it even a valid B2B lead generation term?
  7. Google Purchases Groupon.com for $2.5B (?) - Did they have a coupon?
  8. 10 Ways to Increase Event Attendance at your Lunch & Learn or Seminar
  9. 5 Things Every Leader Needs to Know
  10. Why Trade Show Sales Leads are Awful... Unless You Qualify Them

As I stare at my Google reader, specifically at the 40 blogs I subscribe to, it seems that 75% of the blog posts are Top *insert number here* lists, or the ever-popular "5 Ways to..."  I must admit they ARE interesting, if for nothing else than compartmentalized, know-what-you're-going-to-get type information. 

They're also what we call great "link bait" as others really really like to link back to Top XX lists. At some point though, don't you need to differentiate your blog from the next guy's? Is anyone getting tired of "Top 10" lists?

For that reason, let's play a special game of Mad Libs to help jog your brain for more blog title ideas. Only in this game, you only have to fill in one blank.  I want you to think of a catch-all term for your solution offering. In Vendere Partners' case it would be "B2B Lead Generation"

Have you thought of your phrase yet?  Now take that term or phrase and insert it in the blanks below for instant blog titles.

  1. The Secret Playbook on _________
  2. Solving the _________ Riddle
  3. The Secret Sauce of __________
  4. How to Recession-Proof your __________
  5. Why We All Hate _________ OR Why We All Love _________
  6. Why the Future of ________ is Bright/Bleak
  7. I Know the Best Way to _________.  Do you?
  8. _________ is a Complete Waste of Time
  9. Am I Going Crazy or has _________ Lost it's Shine
  10. Navigating the _________ Maze

Hope that helps. Now get to creating great content!

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