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5 Ways B2B Appointment Setting is like the Super Bowl

Posted by Vendere Team on Fri, Feb 4, 2011 @ 14:02 PM

describe the imageSeeing as how Vendere is a Dallas lead generation company, it's only fitting that we work the Super Bowl in somewhere. 

As I write, I'm looking out of our fourth story window at a blanket of ice. (I wish Mother Nature had been kinder to all those Super Bowl visitors in town for the weekend - Cheeseheads and Steeler Nation alike.)

I digress. So, I started thinking,"How is B2B appointment setting like the Super Bowl?" Keep reading for a few appointment setting tips - framed with football-talk. Here's what I came up with:

1. If you consistently fumble the handoff, you're in for a long day. 

Appointment setting is, by definition, guiding a sales prospect thrugh a transition.  Once you've secured the appointment, make sure the hand off from the lead generation rep to the sales rep is a smooth one.  A few ways to do that: (1) use MS Outloook to send meeting requests to both the prospect and the attending sales rep; (2) use a CRM to log touches, get accurate reporting on the process, and store contact information; and (3) take great notes to ensure that your sales rep is prepared as possible - take your sales rep as far as you can up the field before handing it off.

2. One who studies their opponent, can gain a huge advantage. 

There are two weeks between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl.  Two whole weeks for the Packers and Steelers to pore over hours of film trying their best to shut out the rest of the hubbub, and focus on the game.  Take a page out of that book as you engage in B2B appointment setting.  Study your prospect base (Vendere equips our lead generators with a great tool called First Research).  Know what makes them tick.  Analyze the industries and titles of prospects, and know which questions hit them hard and build value to them in their position around your solution.

3. Winning the game is 50% preparation, and 50% execution; never sacrifice one for the other. 

If you prepare well enough, the execution should come easier.  At the very least, you should prepare a loose script complete with pertinent questions that find pain.  Most of our reps have scorecards and mindmaps tacked to their desks as guides.  But no matter how much you prepare, you must still execute.  Much like the quarterback must still make on-target passes, once you get a prospect on the phone, you still have to make the play.

4. You've worked so hard to get here; don't waste your shot. 

Once you get the prospect on the phone, it's showtime.  Our reps make 100-200 dials per day for our clients, and get a conversation about 10 % of the time.  That means that you are "on the field" 10-20 times per day on average and you better make it count.  Much like the Super Bowl loser who might have to wait decades until their next shot, if you miss out with a prospect you really wanted, it could be a year before you drop them in to the hopper for another crack at it.

5. It's a game of inches, where one or two plays usually determines the outcome. 

Vendere uses MindMap to create scripts that flow and have all of the key implication questions in one place, so if the conversation with the prospect veers, lead gen reps can get back on target (see a sample MindMap).  Ultimately, it's the one or two nuggets of value that determine your success.  Each prospect may have different hotbuttons, so know them and be prepared with the right ammunition.

So lastly, I hope you all enjoy the Big Game!  The one this Sunday AND the one that occurs every day at your office.

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