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The 10 Types of Closers: Which One are You? - Let's Talk B2B Sales

Posted by Vendere Team on Fri, Jan 28, 2011 @ 11:01 AM

the closersA colleague of mine, resident Sales Manager, keeps a decent collection of books at his desk - mostly about sales, leadership, business management, and the like. I found myself having some water cooler talk with him one day, and I picked up a book called The Closers by a fellow named Ben Gay III. As I thumbed through it, I found myself liking the way Ben spoke, with such candor and directness about the art of closing the sale.

I usually gobble up any reading material about B2B lead generation, B2B sales, and marketing. So, I borrowed the book and read it through (highly recommended reading for salespeople of all types). In Chapter 1, Ben lays out the 10 types of "Master Closers," in his estimation. All of them "use their own special characteristics to the best advantage possible." I've recapped the characteristics of each below. 

Pray tell, which one are you?

1. Jack Rabbit Closer

  • Talks a mile a minute
  • Neverending enthusiasm and excitement, which rubs off on sales prospects
  • Knows what makes himself tick
  • Always on the go

2. Turtle Closer

  • "Good old boy" attitude
  • Air of honesty, integrity, and good intention
  • Acts like an old friend of the prospect
  • Credible
  • Moves in slow, deliberate motions that lull the prospect to sleep - and into a sale

3. Positive Closer

  • Acts like everything is great
  • Crisp and sharp
  • Sees the "good" in a person or situation
  • Builds the prospect up so they have an "I can't lose with this guy" attitude
  • Can make others feel happy by radiating good thoughts and positive attitude

4. Negative Closer

  • He's a sleeper type
  • Maintains an "I don't care" manner
  • Master of the "takeaway" with a take-it-or-leave-it attitude
  • Often gets the sale because the prospect perceives that he is holding back on some secret deal
  • Allows prospect to play mind games with themselves
  • Classic "country fox" type

5. Jolly-Golly Closer

  • The clown of the bunch
  • Happy-go-lucky and quick with a joke
  • Gets customers placid and off-guard so they never know when he's going to close
  • Prospects love him
  • Prospects never realize he is selling them at all

6. Magic Man Closer

  • Consummate showman
  • Keeps prospects off-balance and not knowing what to expect
  • Always says engaging and amazing things, with antics and an occasional play-on-words
  • Keeps prospects fascinated, almost spellbound with his personality
  • Uses lots of impactful sayings and buzzwords

7. Razzle-Dazzle Closer

  • Always has the "special deal," the backroom deal no one knows about
  • Can put together a "package deal" in no time at all
  • Outwits other salesmen
  • Switching, maneuvering, and confusing until no one can really pin down where he stands on a subject
  • Master of words, double-talk
  • Intellectual

8. Psychological/Methodical Closer

  • Thinker/problem-solver type
  • Logic is his tool of choice
  • Knows his prospect inside and out and can dissect their mind in a matter of minutes
  • Can play mind games on prospect objections
  • Deftly overrules prospect's thinking
  • Analyzes the situation before making his move
  • Versatile, intelligent, often serious
  • Works well closing professionals

9. High-Roller Closer

  • Quick to show how he got to the top and the fruits of his labor
  • Flashy
  • Master of intimidation
  • Uses props and knows his business well
  • Prospects buy from him because the psychology is such that they feel equal to him when they buy
  • May end up burning someone if they don't see things his way

10. College Joe Closer

  • "Lost son" type
  • Consciously, he looks the part
  • Uses honesty, sincerity, and innocence to close
  • Looks like he wouldn't try to sell anything to anyone unless it was indeed a fantastic deal
  • Seems too "clean" to be a mean old sales-y type
  • Well-mannered and polite, which keeps prospects at ease

All in all, I don't give a lot of credence to sales books written 30 years ago. Some stand the test of time, and with 2 million sold, The Closers is one you should at least check out. 

Comment on which type you are, which you hate buying from, and which would have the easiest time selling you.

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