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Top 67 Bad Workplace Habits

Posted by Vendere Team on Wed, Nov 24, 2010 @ 13:11 PM


Here we are again, you and me...the week of Thanksgiving. I thought I'd share with you a fun blog, befitting a workday before a long weekend. 

"Would you stop smacking that gum?  I can hear it at the other end of the cubicle farm."

Often, bad habits find their way into the workplace. Some are pretty trite and others are downright dangerous. I did some research on what others had deemed "Bad Workplace Habits." 

Here are 67 of my favorites: (by the way, in the spirit of the season, you can be "thankful" if your colleagues do NOT participate in the following!)

  1. Over-exposed personal life.
  2. Too loud.
  3. Using inappropriate humor.
  4. Unclean work spaces.
  5. Cell phone usage.
  6. Inability to be on time.
  7. Web surfing while working.
  8. Finger-pointing.
  9. Being a “Yes Man”.
  10. Needless sarcasm and cutting comments.
  11. Speaking when angry.
  12. Playing favorites.
  13. Failing to express gratitude.
  14. Not using spell check.
  15. Replying to all when not necessary.
  16. Yelling over the cubes while others are on the phone.
  17. Being that obnoxiously happy morning person everyone wants to kill….
  18. People who give up 50% of smoking..…the buying part.
  19. Computer geniuses who "ASSUME" the rest of us have their skill levels.
  20. People whose state of mental health and interactive social skills are determined by what team won or lost last night.
  21. Employees laughing obnoxiously loud.
  22. Bad smelling food at desk.
  23. People standing behind you, while you are on the phone.
  24. Heavy walkers.
  25. People blowing nose at their desk and leaving tissue out.
  26. The overwhelming desire to add two cents to every discussion.
  27. Clinging to the past.
  28. Not listening.
  29. Trying to be the funny guy.
  30. Bda seplling.
  31. Being a Debbie Downer.
  32. Passing the buck.
  33. Excuses of why “I can’t”.
  34. Never asking for help/assistance and then blaming others for not helping/assisting.
  35. Email typos.
  36. Bad hygiene.
  37. Not re-filling the printer paper.
  38. Talking too loud in the aisle knowing a colleague is on the phone with a customer.
  39. Radio or music too loud.
  40. Making excuses.
  41. Putting a directive off until the last minute.
  42. Waiting for clients to complain to fix something.
  43. Voicing your complaints on the sales floor.
  44. Stealing co-workers’ food from the fridge.
  45. Computer games.
  46. Working for another company with this company’s tools.
  47. Dipping into company dating pool.
  48. Wearing tennis shoes.
  49. 5 o’clock shadow.
  50. Drinking the last cup and not making new pot of coffee.
  51. Speaking jibberish across cubicles.
  52. Leaving opened items to sit in the fridge for weeks so that they can grow fuzzy stuff…
  53. Bothering the admin with nonsensical questions…
  54. Not showing up or always calling in late on Mondays.
  55. Sleeping at your desk.
  56. Adding someone to the BCC line that might be dumb enough to “Reply All” on accident.
  57. Wearing flip-flops and a hoodie to work.
  58. Putting food DOWN the sink.
  59. Showing up late – Constantly!!!!
  60. “Faking the funk”.
  61. Spreading disease with your illness.
  62. Taking up 4 parking spaces with your RV – Really?
  63. Coming to work directly from your Vegas trip.
  64. Bad-mouthing the company that you work for.
  65. Avoiding work.
  66. Taking things way too personal.
  67. Being a brown noser.

To prospects, clients, partners, and the countless readers of the #1 Lead Generation and Sales Prospecting Blog: we would like to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

“Over-exposed Personal Life”

“Too Loud”

“The Yes-man”

Using inappropriate humor”

“UnClean work spaces”

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