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I Can’t...I Have an Appointment: 5 B2B Appointment Setting Tips

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Sep 21, 2010 @ 14:09 PM

Take notes of B2B Appointment Setting TipsFirm up your appointments. Make them rock solid. You want your prospects saying to others who try to invade on the appointment time slot, "I can't meet with you at that time; I already have an appointment."

Successful appointment setting lead generation hugely increases your chance of actually making a sale. This is even truer in the world of enterprise-level B2B appointment setting where the stakes are much higher.

You most definitely want to have a comprehensive telemarketing appointment setting program if you are serious about your business. Since you're reading this, I’m going to assume that you are serious. With that in mind, I’ve put together some advice that I’ve found useful and that I hope you do as well.

Five B2B Appointment Setting Tips:

1. Plan Ahead. 

The absolute last thing you want to do is to meet up with a client and then sit there awkwardly silent because you don’t actually know what you’re supposed to be talking about.
Once you set the appointment, know every talking point and have the prospect ready by sending a mini-agenda ahead of time with talking points. That doesn’t mean stick to a script and never deviate, just know what you are saying and be prepared to answer any likely questions. The best part of appointment setting is the advantage of the face-to-face sales; don’t blow it. (We include a sample loose script in our Cold Calling Kit.)

2. Have multiple meeting times available.  

When you set the appointment, suggest two specific times and let them choose.  "So, Mr. Prospect, is Tuesday at 8AM or Wednesday at 1PM better for you?"  You are dealing with other professionals that are just as busy as you are. Giving them options increases the chance of actually setting the appointment.

3. Use commanding language. 

I don’t mean be rude, but speak as if you are absolutely sure about what you are saying. Never use apologies or filler words. Be clear and concise. One of the most compelling factors in a prospect actually agreeing to buy is the recognition of confidence in the seller. You need to be confident if you expect them to be.

4. Be prepared for Objections

When your lead gives you a reason that they are hesitant to meet with you, explain that it's merely to build a working relationship with them. Ask again if they are indeed the person responsible for evaluating solutions like yours. Then it becomes their job to meet with people like you. 

5. Help them remember your name. 

This may be as easy as looking them up on LinkedIn, and then adding them there. It may be pre-empting with an email. I once sat next to a salesman who would say, "Hi, this is Greg, the zany guy from XYZ company." Sounds silly, but you wouldn't believe how many people remembered Greg the Zany Guy.

Appointment setting can greatly increase the number of qualified leads you get.  If one of these tips turns an extra appointment a month, we consider it a success.

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