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5 Ways to Get More B2B Prospects: An Outsourced Lead Generation view

Posted by Vendere Team on Fri, Oct 1, 2010 @ 15:10 PM

Cant find what you are looking for? Just contact me and I will create it for you!Without effective lead generation, let's face it: you're gonna have a lot of trouble getting enough interest in your business to be successful.
People have to know about you to buy from you. In an effort to help new business owners learn how to generate the leads they need to succeed, I’ve compiled a list of five tips that I consider invaluable as an outsourced lead generation company. 

1. Give leads lots of information choices

Have whitepapers, kits, and downloadables. Having multiple types of information means that you will appeal to a far wider base of prospects than if you just focused on one. 
Also, being able to intelligently present a full spectrum of information about your product looks impressive. It gives buyers confidence that you know what you are doing. Finally, offering bundled packages of information is convenient for the buyers who need to know as much as you can give them.

2. Use images when describing what you have for sale

This seems obvious, but many new business owners forget how important a visual stimuli is for capturing people’s attention and holding it. Instead of a full page of text, include some pictures of the product and how it will benefit the buyer.
This could be done with graphs demonstrating a company that saw improved effectiveness after purchasing from you. Anything that will give the lead a visual of how you will help them.

3. Come up with interesting wording for your site. 

Instead of just stating something in the plainest, most blunt words possible, come up with something that makes the reader curious. Impactful words keep visitors around and clicking.

4. Leave the cavity search out of it

When asking leads to register and fill out a contact form, don’t use a form that’s so long and complex that they have to take the day off from work to fill it out. Make it easy for the lead to show their interest, then let your sales team handle the rest.

5. Show your leads your success stories

Any remotely responsible buyer is going to do research before buying a product, regardless of context. Make it easy for them and put testimonials, case studies, and contact information of the companies that were satisfied with your product on your website.
B2B lead gen can be a treacherous world, but if you use a good B2B lead generation program, you should be fine. Keep these tips in mind and you will greatly increase your chances of success.

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