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Thoughts on Aligning Sales and Marketing

Posted by Vendere Team on Fri, Sep 3, 2010 @ 15:09 PM

For too many years, the sales function and the marketing function have been in different silos of an organization. In fact, Vendere Partners has noticed a significant shift in who handles the lead generation.  Eight years ago, sales was largely responsible for generating leads.

Flash forward and we’ve noticed that we’re meeting with a lot more VP’s of Marketing to discuss B2B lead generation techniques. Here’s the key though: there is a paradigm shift to fervently align both groups. 

Just take a look at these amazing statistics from SiriusDecisions:

  • A whopping 79% of marketing leads are not followed up on by sales teams.
  • Out of the remaining 21%, sales disqualifies 70% because of lack of budget, timing, or other reasons.
  • Moreover, it is estimated that 70% of those disqualified leads end up buying the product or service from another vendor.

If you started with 500 marketing leads, that looks something like this:

The fate of 500 leads

You all know how it is. Traditionally, they only meet to have the age-old argument:

VP Sales: You send us awful leads.

VP Marketing: Sorry, buddy, but the leads are fine. Why aren’t you closing them?

These days, there are processes and tools that can be implemented so Mr. Sales and Mr. Marketing can work together well with lots of feedback and awesome results.  Stay tuned for an upcoming blog detailing an approach to aligning sales and marketing.

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