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3 Keys to B2B Lead Generation Success

Posted by Vendere Team on Fri, Aug 20, 2010 @ 10:08 AM

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Article collaboration by Vendere Partners and Sales Integrity

Based on many years of sales experience and evaluation, sales success can be narrowed down to a very simple formula: 3 Keys to Success. Learn and apply these three keys and you will experience unlimited success.  Slack off in any one of these three key areas and you limit your ability to succeed in strong fashion.

Well, what are these three keys?

1. Focus

Focus is the first key and it is a very important key to success. In sales, this means focusing on the right task at the right time.

Thumbing through paperwork and prospecting for names through the database during prime calling hours of the business day is not an effective use of your time if your goal is to be a successful Prospect Manager. It is imperative that you apply the “power of focus” by working on the right task or activity at the right time.  Then, even more importantly, focus on that task while you are working on it and do not get distracted!

Help people around you to understand that you need to focus during this time and that they will need to schedule an appointment during off peak calling hours if they need to meet with you. Interruptions and distractions take money out of your pocket!

2. Activity Level

Activity-level has everything to do with numbers. The higher your activity-level (specifically in calling as a Prospect Manager), the higher the probability of your success. Again, everything in sales can be boiled down to it being a numbers game (especially in the beginning stages of your employment as a Prospect Manager). If you want to make an impression, you need to increase your activity-level to an all time high to learn as quickly as possible so you can call as soon as possible. 

In the Prospect Manager role, calling equals success, money, and career growth. At this time, success, money, and career growth are the name of the game!

3. Follow Through

The difference between being ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. Follow-through for any sales professional, and especially a Prospect Manager, is that little extra.

Many people can start things. However, a true champion actually follows-through and finishes what they start, ensuring their success. If you leverage follow-through as a Prospect Manager, you will be in control of your own destiny.

Make sure you take control and constantly follow-through by calling those prospects back when you say you will. Also, make sure you proactively seek to make follow-up calls for the sales people to ensure your original appointments turn into qualified appointments which leads to your income increasing substantially.  Simply put: follow-through for success!

Vendere Partners uses only the best candidates to generate leads on behalf of our clients.  Our Prospect Managers possess these three key traits, and I suggest that you make these traits a focus of your lead generation team.

For more about sales coaching and consultation with Sales Integrity, visit  www.salesintegrity.com.

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