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The Top 5 Things NOT to Say when Sales Prospecting

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Jul 15, 2010 @ 13:07 PM

Think of a time you caught yourself saying something stupid on the phone with a prospect, either subtle or overt. We've all done it. We all hear other salespeople say things that make us cringe. Take a look at some statements that I've banned from my sales vocabulary.

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1.) "Is now a good time to talk?" - They picked up the phone for heaven's sake, so tell them why your calling concisely and with a hint of allure. Period. Why would you give a prospect a fast track out of the conversation with your first question?

2.) "Always" and "Never" - There's always an exception to every rule. I much prefer the phrase, "It's been my experience that..." Not only are you imparting a fact, you give yourself an air of credibility.

3.) "As I said before" or "Like I said" - Talk about a way to get a complete stranger on the defensive. Think to when someone has uttered these words to you. Doesn't it just sound condescending?

4.) "Can I just send you an e-mail?" - I refer here to copping out of a call and not asking for the appointment because of call reluctance. You are elongating the sales cycle unnecessarily. If your prospect really can benefit from your product, you are doing HIM a disservice.

5.) "I'm not trying to sell you anything." - Uh, yes you are. It just sounds so gimmicky. Why should you even qualify what your going to tell someone? Just say who you are and how you can add value.

Always be finding better ways to say things in sales because there is a tangible psychology to all phases of a sale: making prospects feel comfortable, advancing the prospect through the sales process, etc.

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