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Implementing Sales Training Across All Departments

Posted by Sean O'Neil on Fri, Sep 5, 2014 @ 10:09 AM

Training on the punching bagAre your costs of doing business too high? One great way to control costs within your organization is by training employees in every department in a similar manner.

We tend to think of sales staff training as training that’s separate or different from the training we provide throughout the rest of our company. While this line of thinking may be standard, it’s skewed, and actually detrimental to business. If instead of developing separate sales training programs, companies developed training programs for all departments based on their sales goals, nine times out of ten, they'd be much better off.

Your sales and marketing departments are two big components in executing your sales strategy, but they’re not the only components. If you invest in training your entire staff to meet your sales goals rather than invest only in providing sales training to those departments in which you expect to achieve quantifiable results, you will start winning across all lanes rather than on only one or two lanes.

How can you control business costs while improving your organization’s ability to sell across all departments?

First, you have to make your sales goals clear and distribute those goals company-wide. Then, you have to provide training that enables your entire staff to meet your sales goals.

To begin developing a sales training methodology that you can use company-wide, ask the following questions:

  • What is the most effective way to let my managers know my organization’s sales goals and enable them to communicate those goals to their respective departments?
  • Do I need to establish train-the-trainer sessions? If so, how can I do it efficiently and cost-effectively?
  • Are my organization’s service levels the same across the board, or do I have differing levels of service when it comes to sales, execution and delivery?
  • How can I ensure high levels of service will be delivered company-wide and adequately support my sales goals?
  • Is every person within my organization able to recognize upselling opportunities, able to understand the importance of upselling, how to upsell, or how to turn over a prospect to the appropriate person or department when an opportunity to upsell presents itself?
  • What steps do I need to take to implement ongoing sales training across all departments?
  • How will I track and quantify the results of my investment in sales training across all departments, and how will I determine how to install improvements based on the results I obtain?

The takeaway from this blog post should be that when you make sales a priority across all departments, you make more sales possible. When you establish company-wide sales standards, business costs will lower; revenue increases will happen.

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