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Social Media & Hospitality: Getting More Positive Online Reviews

Posted by Sean O'Neil on Thu, Jun 12, 2014 @ 16:06 PM

Hotel room You need high numbers of positive reviews across a variety of social networks and to get them often if you want to improve your rankings on not just the search engines, but on sites like TripAdvisor.

You can be getting stellar quality inspection reports and glowing survey results, but if you’re not getting traction on social media, how are prospective guests going to know that your hotel or restaurant should be their hotel or restaurant? If you want to build your fan-base, be competitive and increase guest numbers quickly, having an ongoing, rich presence on social media is a must.

How do you get more positive online reviews from guests? How do you get more likes and followers and better rankings?

Below are a few ways to encourage more positive online reviews and comments.

  • Publish a blog and share links to new blog posts on your social media pages.
  • Follow up with guests who responded positively on surveys or left positive reviews on guest books and comment cards. Ask them to share their experiences at your property via social media.
  • Send e-blasts to guests after their stay and invite them to engage with you via social media. Include links to your social media pages in the e-mails. Use e-mail marketing automation so that you can track click-throughs and opens, etc.
  • Respond to both positive comments and guest complaints made on social media. You will be surprised by how often you are able to turn complaints into gratitude or praise.
  • Feature social media links prominently on your website and in the signatures of all customer-facing e-mails.
  • Implement an internal program that rewards employees who are able to inspire positive social media comments.

Most hotel, restaurant and service-oriented business managers who don’t make concerted efforts to obtain positive online reviews claim that they’re just too busy to put a lot of energy into social media. If you’re too busy to perform social media marketing-related tasks, or if hiring a full-time social media manager isn't cost-effective, consider hiring a qualified third party to manage your social media presence for you. In today’s marketplace, hospitality organizations cannot afford not to engage with guests via social media. Engaging with your guests via social media is necessary if you want get the likes and followers and higher search engine rankings you need to stay current and competitive.

Sean O'Neil

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