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10 Ways to Be Unsuccessful at Appointment Setting

Posted by Sean O'Neil on Thu, Apr 10, 2014 @ 15:04 PM

Man setting appointmentsThere are plenty of articles out there on how to be successful at appointment setting, but how many articles have you read on how to be unsuccessful at appointment setting? At Vendere Partners, we’ve developed a tongue-in-cheek list of 10 things you can do to ensure that you become a complete and total appointment setting disaster. We hope it gives you a few chuckles—and maybe a few insights, too.

1. Focus on developing your sales style more than on setting appointments. You’ll get more appointments by simply radiating coolness than you ever will by actually picking up the phone.

2. If you do decide to try and set a sales appointment, be sure to let the prospect know that you’re desperate for his or her business. When prospects smell fear in the water, they’re more likely to bite.

3. Always feel free to reschedule a sales appointment if the original time you and the prospect agreed on becomes the least bit inconvenient for you. 

4. Remember, if you dial in, Skype in, screen share, or show up late to a sales appointment, it’s no big deal. A prospect who’s bothered by a little tardiness probably wouldn’t be a customer worth having.

5. Use lots of industry jargon, and talk A LOT whenever you try to set a sales appointment. The ability to pitch is generally considered a more desirable trait in a salesperson than the ability to create a meaningful dialog.

6. Act like the prospect is your old high school buddy even though you’ve just met; he will be so much more likely to trust you and think you’re a genuine person.

7. Ask not what you can do for the prospect, but what the prospect can do for you.

8. Be argumentative when the prospect seems uninterested or asks an uncomfortable question.

9. If you get a call, text or e-mail while you’re trying to set a sales appointment, feel free to pause the conversation and respond to the person pinging you.

10. If the prospect says yes to setting up an appointment, keep pitching. Prospects love it when you drag on and on even after they’ve agreed to meet with you at another time.

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