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Miss Manners Should Teach Social Media Etiquette

Posted by Sean O'Neil on Tue, Mar 18, 2014 @ 15:03 PM

Have you ever wondered what Miss Manners would have to say about your company's social media etiquette? As a kind of experiment, we pulled some of our favorite Miss Manners quotes from The Washington Post and applied them to seven questions we often hear from our customers when it comes to social media behaviors. A

s we suspected, using good manners seems to be the surest way to maintain a respectable reputation, no matter the platform. Enjoy!

Social Media Manners

Question #1: 

Is it possible to respond to a Facebook follower whose frequent comments and feedback have become a nuisance—without egging them on?

Miss Manners: “You cannot decrease the geographical proximity of your neighbors, but you can increase the social distance. Reducing it to an occasional wave from across the fence should be about right.”

Question #2:

I want more people to see my social media posts! Should I start paying for boosts, or turn to paid advertising?

Miss Manners: “Please save the drama for the theater, my dear, and wait until you have an actual conflict before working yourself into a tizzy.”

Question #3:

Is it okay to use my company’s LinkedIn page to ask people for referrals?

Miss Manners: “It is simply never polite to ask someone to buy you a present.” 

Question #4:

Should I be concerned when people post personal comments and pictures on my company page that have nothing to do with my business?

Miss Manners: “This is one more bit of evidence that, as Miss Manners has always suspected, everyone nowadays wants to be in show business.” 

Question #5:

Am I bragging too much about my company’s products and services on my social media pages?

Miss Manners: “Well, that is the annoying thing about public accommodations: They accommodate the public. But even a private club would have a hard time enforcing a No Bragging rule.”

Question #6:

A lot of people who follow my company’s social media pages send friend requests or requests to connect to my personal social media pages. Is it rude if I don’t respond to every request from people who follow my company’s social media pages?

Miss Manners: “It is only awkward if you believe that strangers will be devastated to think that you don’t care enough about them.”

Question #7:

An unhappy customer posted a complaint to my company’s Yelp page. I apologized for the oversight and offered a resolution, but the customer continues to post the same complaint. Should I keep apologizing?

Miss Manners: “It will establish a bad precedent; it will look like toadying; it will cost everyone money; and it may well embarrass the boss.”

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