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Obtaining Better Lead Lists through High-Level Data Services

Posted by Sean O'Neil on Thu, Feb 20, 2014 @ 12:02 PM

Talking on the telephone“May I speak to the person in charge of your company’s . . .?” Every front desk person responsible for fielding a company’s calls has heard this type of opening more than once. It doesn’t take long for fielders of these calls to realize that not only do such callers not know the person they’re calling, but that they have no clue as to whether or not the unnamed person they’re trying to reach might have any interest in what it is they have to say. Fielders of these types of cold calls also quickly learn that if they make arduous attempts to connect these cold-callers to the appropriate unnamed person within their organization, the unnamed person is going to resent it, big time. As a result, front desk professionals who want to keep their jobs learn to drop, put on permanent hold, or send uninformed cold-callers directly to voice-mail, where they can easily be ignored and dismissed.

In the scenario described above, cold calling isn’t the problem. The problem, in addition to the need for having a much better opening than, “May I speak to the person in charge of your company’s . . .?” is that the cold-caller is not using a formidable list of prospects or leads.

Cold calling is all about the list. The quality of the list of prospects or leads you obtain can impact the effectiveness of your telemarketing campaign far more than the actual value of your products and services or the training you provide to your telemarketers and sales staff.

The Lists You Really Need

Are you tired of calling on companies without knowing whether or not they currently have a need for products and services comparable to your own?

Install-base lists contain the contact information of users of platforms, hardware, applications, software, operating systems or suites of products and services that are comparable, complement or work in conjunction with your own and vice versa.

Do you struggle to determine which markets are your target markets? Do you think you know your target markets, but don’t actually have any hard data that backs up your claims or clearly justifies your pursuit of certain markets?

Target market lists developed through proven processes and hard analyses are lists that enable you to reach out your ideal audiences without questioning whether or not reaching out to them will yield optimal results.

Are you operating within a niche market or industry segment, or do you need a new list of leads based on specific criteria that match your ideal customer profile?

Custom leads lists can save you significant time and money by accurately identifying your ideal customers and giving you all of the information you need to run high-octane sales and marketing campaigns.

The Truth About Lists

The truth is that you need much more than lists; you need data services that will enable you to generate or obtain lists that meet specific criteria.

So much of generating good lists is about weeding out those prospects and leads that won’t yield fruit. Your lists shouldn’t look like yellow pages, but like your current or ideal client list. When it comes to lists, more isn’t always more.

The vast number of list generation services currently available in the market can make it difficult to distinguish generic list generation services from results-driven data services based on best practices and established lead generation tools and techniques. A rigorous list pull, scrub, and analyses across multiple sources of information using keywords that match the focus of the campaign are critical first steps required for generating a powerful list. Instead of simply looking to obtain lists, look to partner with a lead generation company that is capable of conducting the data analyses and cleansing required to deliver lists that will truly empower you. The right lists will help you create focused sales and marketing strategies and streamline your cold calling, telemarketing and other sales functions. Most importantly, they will deliver results.

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