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Is it Better for B2Bers to Publish in Print or Online?

Posted by Sean O'Neil on Thu, Jan 30, 2014 @ 10:01 AM

Papers in printIs print dead?

While it’s true that consumer interest in print magazines has declined in recent years, print periodicals are still very much alive. Your great-great-great grandchildren may never have the inclination or opportunity to park their hovercrafts and pick up a print magazine or newspaper on the way to work, but it does seem that magazine and newsstands will have a place in our society for the foreseeable future. Print may no longer be king, but it is still holding court.

In June 2012, Forbes ran an article that gave advice to business marketers that still applies in 2014. The article advised, “The best way to market your business is to utilize as many channels as possible to reach every corner of your target demographic; this should not exclude print.”

At Vendere Partners, we agree that print is still a valuable sales and marketing medium. Getting published in print remains the chief goal of most authors and would-be authors, as there is still a level of prestige that comes along with being published in print that is of value. And let's not forget that people do still buy print magazinesincluding B2B trade magazines.

As long as it's alive, why not shoot for getting published in print? Although times have changed and being published in print is more like icing on the cake rather than, you know, actual cake, being published in print periodicals is still a good idea for companies seeking to appeal to the pallets of certain sales prospects—or to the highest possible number of sales prospects. The majority of print periodicals also publish their printed articles online. If you can get published in print as well as online, why not do it?

While being published both in print and online may be ideal, you shouldn’t feel dismayed or unsatisfied if your article is published online and never makes it to print. As your great-great-great grandchildren will tell you once the space-time continuum is finally breached, print magazines will be extinct just as soon as the nanobots begin transmitting media directly to the frontal lobes of paying subscribers.

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