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B2B Purchasers Surprisingly Active During Holidays

Posted by Sean O'Neil on Tue, Dec 24, 2013 @ 14:12 PM

Christmas ornamentAccording to a Salesforce blog post published earlier this month, a major software recommendations company recently analyzed its visitor statistics in an effort to determine just how much interest levels drop off during the holiday season, and found that while its website traffic decreases around the holidays, it picks up again quicker than you might think.

For instance, though it decreases to -64% on Christmas Eve and to -69% on Christmas, it decreases, relative to the company’s average traffic rates, to just -17% one day after Christmas, and to just -9% two days after Christmas.

Back in 2011, Eloqua put forth a much more compelling study on 2010 holiday B2B sales and marketing trends. The study showed that even though B2B companies in 2010 sent out a low number of e-mails from November through December, their website page views went up by 13% compared to the rest of the year.

Figures like these challenge the popular notion that B2B buyers do not look for solutions, research products, or prepare to make purchases during the holiday season. Could it be that the holidays are not the dead zone that many of us working within B2B sectors tend to believe them to be?

At Vendere Partners, we know that marketing products and services heavily during the holidays and then following up with compelling, aggressive campaigns in the spring can prove very productive for B2B companies. Payoffs may occur down the road, but they do come.

Do you know how much interest your B2B business is attracting this holiday season? What do your website visitor statistics look like in November, December, and January?

Consider the idea that those potential buyers who visit your website or request information during the holidays perhaps have higher levels of interest in your offerings than other visitors. Have you planned out how you will target and pursue them through telemarketing or appointment setting campaigns, sales events, e-mail marketing campaigns, or strategic webinars in the spring?

B2B companies may actually be positioned for greater success in the spring than many B2C companies are achieving this holiday season.

Yahoo! News recently reported, “After a strong start to the holiday shopping season, sales at stores have fallen for the third consecutive week as Americans continue to hold back on spending during what is traditionally the busiest buying period of the year.”

Though online retailers are doing better than traditional brick-and-mortar retailers this holiday season, on the whole, 2013 holiday retail sales numbers are not expected to be impressive.

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