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Lead Generation and Social Media: Converting Likes Into Leads

Posted by Sean O'Neil on Tue, Nov 26, 2013 @ 07:11 AM

Reviewing marketing analyticsAt no other time in the electronic age have more purchasing decisions been based on social media. For this reason, it’s incredibly important that your social media profiles be compelling and engaging and showcase your company’s value and capabilities accurately. It’s also important that your social media posts be in alignment with the wants and needs of your potential customers, and that you respond to prospect and customer comments in a timely and friendly manner.

Below are two easy ways you can start to generate more sales activity through social media.

1. Ask questions.

Social media users need reasons to follow your pages and get on your lists, so give them reasons to follow your pages and get on your lists! Via social media, ask them what they want to know and give them answers to their questions. Asking questions on social media is an underrated lead generation tool. By asking questions, you can find out what your audience wants to know and acquire market intelligence that will enable you to create social media campaigns that complement your appointment setting, event audience acquisition and other lead generation campaigns. By asking the right questions and responding to visitor comments and questions, you may even find that engaging proactively in social media is the best way to drive your next sales and marketing campaign. 

2. Promote exclusive and original content.

In an insightful, forward-thinking blog post, Hubspot recommends doing the following in order to turn social media likes into leads:

  • Implement a Like Gate
  • Share Links to Landing Pages on Your Wall
  • Offer Exclusive Content to Facebook Fans
  • Use Overlooked Page Real Estate to Promote Offers
  • Create Custom Page Tabs to Promote Offers
  • Create Product/Service Awareness

In order to implement a like gate, Hubspot recommends offering new visitors who like your page some piece of “exclusive” collateral, and then requiring them to fill out a form in order to obtain it. In Vendere Partners’ experience, offering collateral that is only available to prospects after they fill out a form won’t generate an abundance of new leads unless your social media messaging is friendly and compelling, and your form is no-nonsense. In order for a like gate strategy to work, your messaging needs to make people feel like VIPs and your form needs to be simple, (i.e, it needs to require no more than a person’s name, company name and e-mail address).

While doing it may seem like a no-brainer in 2013, it’s surprising how few companies actually refer back to their websites or landing pages on their social media pages. It’s fine to point to outside sources that support your overall business objectives via social media, but it’s much more important to promote relevant, homegrown content, whether that content promotes a new offering, touts a new product or service, or offers free, helpful advice and tips that showcase the expertise that exists within your organization.

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