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5 Ways to Personalize Sales Event Invitations and Increase Attendance

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Nov 5, 2013 @ 07:11 AM

vp134098sdiiPersonalizing sales event invitations and announcements is an easy way to increase your invitation response rate, get responses faster, and increase event attendance. Below are five ways to personalize your next event invitation.

1. Address people by name.

Whether you’re sending out e-mails or direct mailers, or both, using a person's name rather than a generic term like, “Dear IT Professional,” will help your event invitation or announcement feel less like part of a blanket campaign and more like a personal invitation.

2. Tailor content according to industry segment and/or title.

If you’re sending sales event invitations to healthcare organization administrators as well as doctors, tailor your invitation content accordingly and send out separate e-mails to each group. Why would administrators find your event beneficial or interesting? Why would doctors want to attend? What pain points will your event address or resolve for each group?

Also keep in mind that owners and CEOs are probably going to be seeking to get different things out of your event than managers, supervisors, and support staff. Adjust your invitation content so that it addresses the concerns and needs of people at different levels and send separate, tailored batches of e-mails to the people in each group.

3. Include the prospect's company name.

Including the prospect’s company name within the invitation content may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by how few B2B marketers actually do it. Including the company name lets the prospective attendee know that you know their company and sincerely want their attendance and business. It’s a small step that can make a big difference in a prospective attendee’s assessment of your organization and the potential value of your event.

4. Acknowledge the prospect’s location and play up the benefits of your event location.

Is your event a destination event or a regional event? Will people be flying in from other cities and states, or is your event catering specifically to businesses within a specific region or city?

If your event is a destination event, including a tidbit such as, “Escape the Chicago winter and spend three days learning everything you need to know about digital marketing at ABC Conference in sunny Key West …” not only makes your invitation more personal because it mentions the prospective attendee’s home city, but makes your destination seem particularly appealing. Whenever you're addressing prospects for whom your event will be a destination, giving as many compelling reasons as possible (without going over the top) to invest in making the trip is always a good idea.

If your event is a regional event catering to businesses that already exist within a certain area, recognizing the prospect’s location within your invitation content is still a good idea. It's also smart to point out the convenience of your event location and mention any nearby landmarks that local prospects might know and appreciate.

5. Close with an individual’s signature and contact information.

Rather than sign the invitation with a generic signature such as, “The ABC Company Event Logistics Team,” close event invitations with an actual person’s name and professional contact information. People are much more likely to respond to a clear point of contact than they are to an “info@,” “sales@,” or “events@” e-mail address.

Is it easier to send out blanket e-mail campaigns rather than take the time to personalize e-mails and created targeted event e-mail campaigns? Of course it’s easier! It’s also much less effective. By taking the time to personalize your sales event invitations and announcements, you stand a much better chance of acquiring the audience you want and filling up your event with that audience.

Why wait until a prospect (hopefully) attends your event to begin developing a relationship when you can begin doing it at the very start of your event audience acquisition campaign? By personalizing your event invitations, you can start creating a meaningful relationship with prospects at the first touch.

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